What the Florida!? – Week of August 30


Gunnar Strom, Contributor

State of Florida Reminds People NOT to Shoot the Hurricane

A couple of years ago, when Hurricane Irma rolled through Florida, residents band together with a Facebook event for shooting at the hurricane. This year, the idea has come back into view with Hurricane Dorian. The event, hopefully a joke by all the residents, has once again caught the attention of authorities, who are urging people to NOT shoot at the hurricane. The bullets will, if shot into any part of the storm, shoot back to the people at hurricane-force winds, proving deadly to anyone they would strike. “There is a reason why the NRA slogan isn’t ‘The only way to stop a bad guy hurricane is a good guy with a gun’,” as Jason Easley put it.

Man Parks Smart Car in Kitchen to Keep it From Blowing Away During Hurricane

Smart Cars are small, however you wouldn’t think that one would fit in your kitchen. You would be wrong. A man in Florida, Patrick Eldridge, has parked his Smart Car in his kitchen after concerns that it might blow away during the storm. His wife’s car, as she reported, did not get the same treatment, although seeing as a Smart Car is so light, his concerns are genuine. So far, there is no news on whether his car (and more importantly, him and his wife) is safe or not.

Bahamas Woman Shelters Nearly 100 Dogs

Although this has nothing to do with Florida, as this week is dedicated to the hurricane, this fits along with it. A woman in the Bahamas took in nearly 100 stray dogs off the streets n order to help save as many as possible from the relentless storm. Hurricane Dorian seemed to hover over the Bahamas for quite a while, and this woman most likely saved most of these poor dogs’ lives. She said that 79 of the dogs were in her bedroom, however they were “respecting my bed and nobody has dared to jump in.” She has appealed for people to come and adopt the dogs after the storm passes.

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