Kevin Hart’s Car Accident

Grace Davis, Contributor

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Everyone knows Kevin Hart. The comedian and actor who was in several movies we know and love. These include, Jumanji, secret life of pets, and many more. His career made a temporary stop this week when he experienced an alarming car crash in Malibu. On Sunday September 1, 2019, Kevin Hart and two others were driving Hart’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda when Jared Black, the driver, lost control of the vehicle and went off Mulholland Highway and down into a ditch. Kevin Hart managed to get out of the car and get help, but Jared Black and his fiance, Rebecca Broxterman, were stuck. Although Rebecca got lucky and only had minor injuries, Black and Hart both suffered major back injuries. They both were taken to separate hospitals to be treated.

Following the accident, many celebrity friends posted on social media about the accident and wished for him to get well. Dwayne “the rock” Johnson, Hart’s coworker in the movie Jumanji and his good friend wrote, “Stop messing with my emotions brother @kevinhart4real. We have a lot more laughing to do together. Love you man. Stay strong.” As much as Harts friends and family are very concerned for his well-being, fans want to know what is currently happening to their beloved movie star. Hart’s Wife, Eniko, comments to the public about where Hart’s condition is at, She says, “He’s good, everybody’s good. Thank God.”

Although everyone seems to be recovering, local police and others are still trying to determine the exact cause of this sudden crash. The driver Jared Black was already tested for driving under the influence, but showed no sign of intoxication the night of the accident. We do not know the exact cause of the disaster, but some believe it may have been from high speed driving.

Many effects have already come into Hart’s life because of this obstacle. The actor pulled out of hosting the Oscars because of the crash. It doesn’t stop there though. Cydney Henderson writes for USA Today saying, “Johnson left his honeymoon early to fill in for Hart on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” after his friend and co-star was hospitalized with a major back injury over the weekend.” Johnson’s wife, Lauren Hashian, was apparently a big fan of Kelly and approved of this. Many friends, family, and fans are still wishing them a speedy recovery and are hoping we can see him out and about again.