Fantasy Football Rankings


Parker Willis, Contributor

This year of fantasy football is probably one of the biggest years yet. More people are playing this year than ever before. For those who don’t know what fantasy football is, it is a competition where participants make an imaginary team with the players from a football league. They score points as their players do better. The more points you have the better you are, and if you are the best you  win. You can sometimes win money if you win which elevates the stakes.

You need to know the ranks of the players before you draft them, so you can pick the best players and ultimately be victorious. If you already drafted then you can see if you have good players or not. Here are the best players to pick for the draft: for the quarterbacks, Patrick Mahomes comes in first followed by Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers. These are predictions based on preseason games and previous seasons. Kyler Murray is not officially predicted because he is a rookie but many believe he will be in the top five.

For the running backs, Alvin Kamara is currently in first with Dalvin Cook and Christian Mccaffrey behind him. Running backs are an important pick because they run the ball consistently throughout the game and gain more yards than most other players. The next most important pick is wide receivers. The top three wide receivers are DeAndre Hopkins, Michael Thomas, and Odell Beckham Jr. After you fill up those spots you can either pick between tide ends, defense, or kickers. Most people pick a tide end after their wide receiver. After choosing players to fill those positions, you pick all your backups in case a player gets injured. This will help you get point with an injured player. It’s better than no points. You can also switch your backups if they are doing better than the first string to get more points.