BFHS Football vs. Snowflake High School


Nic Rendon, Contributor

On Friday, August 30 the Chargers Varsity football team had their home opener against the Lobos of Snowflake High School. Snowflake went 9-1 last year. The Chargers were the only team to beat Snowflake last year in a very close game. This means that the Lobos came into this game wanting revenge, and the Chargers wanted to beat them a second year in a row.

The Student Section was filled for this high-stakes home opener. All the fans were holding paper cutouts of fire to metaphorically “melt the Snowflakes.” Even the Charger Band showed up to the game. Everyone was excited to see the football team go to battle on our home turf.

The game kicked off at 7:00 p.m. last Friday night. The Chargers came out as explosive as ever, shutting down most of Snowflakes attempts to score. Our offense, on the other hand, showed that they are capable of doing great things. Seniors Zach Jefferies and A.J. Warby ran the ball all over the Snowflake defense. Senior Ryan Graham caught a long touchdown early on in the game from a pass thrown by Danner Bowen. On the defensive side, Senior Braiden Moffat intercepted a Snowflake pass and returned it for a touchdown. The Chargers kick return team may have had the most exciting play. Senior Danner Bowen raced down the sideline to score a kick return touchdown. Kick return touchdowns are specifically difficult because a team needs not only a good returner but also great blockers in front of him to give him the opportunity to score.

The final score shocked everybody. The Chargers won 43-21, which was completely unexpected. Snowflake was supposed to be a top tier football team in our division, and the Chargers beat them by multiple touchdowns. Once official rankings start coming out, the people rating the teams will definitely consider this game. The Chargers play ALA Gilbert’s Eagles at home on Friday, August 6.