Yankee’s First Shutout Since 2018


Araby Scott, Contributor

Mike Minor, Texas Rangers pitcher, shutout the New York Yankees for the first time in 221 games. A shutout occurs when the losing team scores zero points throughout the game. The Yankees lost to the Rangers 7-0, losing their streak. The Yankees held the second longest streak (since 1900), just behind the Babe Ruth-led Yankees, who went 308 games without a shutout. Prior to the Yankees versus Rangers game, the Yankees were shutout by the Red Sox’s Chris Sale.

Minor allowed only one runner to make it past second base. Yankees outfielder, Clint Frazier commented on Minor’s pitch, “His fastball plays up, which means it might say 92 but it feels faster than that, and he obviously threw every pitch that he wanted in every count that he wanted.” Ranger’s manager, Chris Woodward stated, “It felt like he could execute pretty much any pitch in any location; with his stuff, he’s got elite stuff at times, when you get that plus the command, it’s tough.”

Due to Minor’s misleading fastball, rumors spread that he was going to become a trade target for the Yankees. Mike Minor has had a great few years since he signed with the Rangers. Previously, he played as a reliever, but now he is a strong starter. Minor spoke on his own performance saying, “It was a little bit difficult to get through that and pitch; it feels good to be here. It felt good to be wanted, too, but at the end of the day nothing happened and I’m still here.” The Yankee’s manager was disappointed at the loss but he remained optimistic; “When a good pitcher’s on top of his game, he can make it tough on you, credit to him.”

Overall the game was a huge loss for the Yankees, but a meaningful win for the Rangers and Mike Minor.