Fenjamin Branklin


Tony Ureste, Contributor

At the beginning of the school year, a previous student at Benjamin Franklin had made an Instagram account with the username @fenjaminbranklin. The account included several satirical posts about the Benjamin Franklin campus and staff. The posts recently turned to controversial trends such as those involving students bringing their own paper towel rolls to school in retaliation to the lack of paper towels in the boy’s bathrooms throughout campus.

The account has since been reported and deleted as of Tuesday night. But multiple other accounts from students all over the campus started to show up, including the original creator making a new private one.

The disputed, yet hilarious Instagram account has grown in popularity with students attending Benjamin Franklin and even students no longer attending the school. When I interviewed the creator I asked a few questions based on their page. When asked when and why they originally created the account, they replied: “I made it last Wednesday afternoon. I made memes of inside jokes for friends or for the work group, then I made one for Franklin and realized how easy it was to meme about Franklin. So I made an account so everyone could see them.”

The infamous Instagram account posts about the school frequently, mainly about problems multiple students have. The main topics from the account include: frequent posts about the lack of paper towels (and more recently the placement of the new paper towel dispenser), the school’s obsessiveness over cameras near the bathrooms, constantly giving detentions to students, and posts about certain school staff.

When interviewing both students and staff for their opinions on the Instagram account, I’ve received an even mix from both sides. Either they supported the account or were against it. For their safety, their names will remain anonymous. When asking teachers for their opinions on the meme account, the majority stated that the account was highly immature and a waste of productivity; while others stated that the account was pretty funny and a good way for the BFHS admins to listen to the students opinions. When interviewing students, the majority agreed that the account was funny and relatable. While certain students strongly believe that the account is rude towards the school and a way of cyber-bullying the teachers.The irony of the teachers always telling students to uphold their rights (freedom of speech specifically) while blatantly disagreeing with a student-made meme account is hilarious.