Our First Pep Rally This Year


Onika Wallace, contributor

This was the very first pep rally of this year. Honestly, it wasn’t bad. Many different things were going on and it was very entertaining over all. I was super happy that Mr. Strong  was the M.C. because his voice never stays the same. One minute he’s loud, then the next minute he’s at a normal amount of volume. He also has an amazing personality which definitely added to the pep rally spirit.

Seeing all of the fall sports out on the gym floor –as a whole– was amazing. We saw varsity cheerleaders, POM,varsity and junior varsity volleyball, and all of the football teams. However, we didn’t see junior varsity cheerleaders; which really made me mad because they showed all of the football teams but pretty much had the junior varsity up there for decoration. We only saw them when they put the mats down after the varsity cheerleaders were done performing their part in the pep rally. It’s probably really frustrating for the JV cheerleaders to not be recognized when all of the other fall JV teams were. Briarly Crandall says she is, ” disgruntled that JV isn’t a part of the pep rally routine” and Alexa Famsworth says, ” It’s annoying that JV doesn’t do much at Pep Rallies.” Maybe in the future this issue will be fixed.

I really enjoyed watching the grades levels go against each other in the trash ball game. It was a really good idea to make the seniors go against the freshman, even if the freshman did lose to all of the other grade levels. I loved watching the competitive side of everyone come out to beat their opponent. I also really liked how they had everyone switch out after the got their turn, so that other people could try and participate. The sophomores had a great win.

Overall, the pep rally was super fun and entertaining. I think everyone should appreciate all of the hard work and time Student Government put into making the pep rally possible. They put in a lot of thought to make the pep rally as fun and enjoyable as possible. They are now planning the homecoming, which will be amazing I’m sure, which they announced towards the end of the pep rally. Maybe the next pep rally will have JV cheerleaders properly introduced with the other sports teams. Hopefully, the next pep rally will be just as amazing as this one.