Gilbert Escape Rooms

Gilbert Escape Rooms

Madeline Farnsworth, contributor

Escape rooms have recently becoming fascinating to many people. These rooms are especially appealing to people because of the challenge that they pose to the participants. In Phoenix, there is a location called the Gilbert Escape Room. There are four rooms at this location. There is specifically a room called Pipe Works. The scene for the room is that the power is running low in the underground industrial city of Dystopia and the energy systems are failing. The high council has appointed your two engineering teams to fix those systems. The city is losing power fast, compete head-to-head or cooperatively to activate your team’s subsystems and return power to the station. The participants are split into two teams and are separated to try and escape the room by finding all the keys to turn the power back on. The two teams can choose to work together or competitively. Working together is the best way to escape because the other team does have some of your clues. You are given an hour to try and find all five keys to turn the power back on. In the beginning an hour seemed like a lot of time, but as the clocked was running and the minutes ticked down, it felt like there was not enough time. When you start out, both teams are in two seperate rooms and must solve two puzzles before the key that opens the door between the two rooms is found. You must find the key to the middle room because there are some of your keys and puzzles in the other teams room.

In the two room, there are five main puzzles that you have to figure out before you can escape the room. Throughout the hour, there are little hints that are given to each teams if they are stuck or confused about their current puzzles. In order to move on to the next puzzle, you must finish the puzzle that you had started. There are some puzzles that are harder than others and are more time consuming. The hardest thing to remember during the hour that you are locked in the room is to stay calm and work together. Sometimes, there are moments of frustration because the puzzle that you are trying to finish many not be working out and giving the correct combination needed to get passed the current task.

The Pipe Works escape room was really fun to complete and escape. The room was a entertaining, afternoon activity. It can be hard for most people to work together especially when there is a time limit. It is not a recommended activity to do if you are not a good communicator and are not good at working with others. But if you are someone that is excellent at working together and love puzzles, then an escape room is an activity that might be really fun and exciting for you. It did get a little stressful and hard at times.  Overall, it was a fun time and I am excited to do it again.

Pipe Works