The Woman with the Knife

Karlie Dibell, Contributor

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I had just finished untacking my horse, Wrench, spraying him off, and putting him back in his stall. It took me about 20 minutes to walk to the home where Wrench stayed at. I decided to do a short ride that day because it was hot outside. Plus, I had a lot of time left before I had to be home. As I walked to the gate to leave the arena, I saw a strange woman standing at the stop sign by the street. I knew she was not going for a walk because she just stood there observing my every move. I thought maybe she was only there to watch me work with Wrench and observe the process.

There were a lot of people who liked to watch me work with him. The owner, Brian, bragged about how I made his riding skills look like a beginners, and because of that, many people began to examine how I rode Wrench to confirm what Brian explained. I always told people that what Brian repeated is not true because he had been riding all his life while I had only been riding since I was three. Yet, Brian continued to pass that comment around.

This woman was different, though. She was not standing there when I first started riding for the day. Once I opened the gate, she slowly meandered away. The creepy part was that she continued to look at me as she walked away.

I pushed it off and wandered home. When I turned around and did not see her anymore, it felt like a rock was lifted off my chest. I thought she was gone…

To be continued…