New York Man’s deadly elevator accident


Onika Wallace, Contributor

Some people have the fear of either being trapped in an elevator or the elevator breaking and down goes the elevator with you inside. Some people might even be too terrified of everything about an elevator so they avoid elevators at all cost. As crazy as these may seem, they are very real and fears that many people may have. You may not believe these people’s fears, but things that they are scared of do happen in real life. In fact, somebody’s fears came to life except to somebody else, a man in New York.

On Thursday, August 22, 2019, a 30- year-old man, Samuel C. Waisbren, was getting out of the elevator when suddenly, the elevator had a “glitch” causing him to fall between the wall and the elevator car in the elevator shaft. He was trapped. What a start to his Thursday morning. he began to freak out, just like everybody else would in this situation. The firefighters arrived at the scene as soon as they could and even though they were fast, they just were not fast enough. The fire fighters unfortunately pronounced him dead even after all of their efforts to save him. He died on the scene after a few minutes of being trapped. There was three other people on this elevator, who witnessed it, with the man. However, they are, thankfully, are physically uninjured.

This building in Manhattan has a history of inspections that didn’t end too well. The building managers and fire fighters are not too sure whether or not the man used the “bad” elevator. Even if it was not the “bad” elevator, this elevator is bad and probably should have an inspection, if it did not fall and crumble during this accident. The New York Times has a quote from the victims father, Mr. Charles Waisbren,stating his view on all of this, “It’s such an expensive apartment building, they can at least provide a safe environment and instead they killed my son.” As you can see he’s not very happy about this whole situation, just like everybody else. According to an employee of the apartment building, Mr. Samuel was trying to stop the elevator while it was going down and they said, in their exact words, ” It’s like jumping out of a moving vehicle.”

This was a tragic and fatal accident that many people in the building were scared would happen due to always seeing the out of order signs on the elevators and being in the dark about how well the elevators were working.  His father continued to tell the reporters about all of his son’s dreams and life goals. Unfortunately, even after all of Samuel’s hard work, his dreams will never come true. Around eleven a.m. his body was rolled out of the building, on a stretcher in a body bag. He was put in the back of a medical examiner’s van. The building managers have been told to shut down their elevators until further inspection and they received a citation for it. It should have happened sooner, so that we wouldn’t have lost someone in this world with such big dreams and loved by so many people.