Pineapple on Pizza?

Pineapple on Pizza?

Andres Nichols, Contributor

The world falls apart when the question about whether pineapple belongs on pizza is brought up. Both sides bring compelling arguments but only one side of the argument can win and the victor of this debate is that pineapple does belong on pizza.

Pineapple pizza was supposedly created by a Greek-Canadian who sought for a sweeter taste to his pizza at his restaurant in Canada. He was inspired to create the first, or so claimed, Hawaiian pizza by the sweet taste of Chinese food.

A recent survey from YouGov Omnibus stated that about one fourth of the U.S. population had disliked pineapple on pizza. Many people even Gordon Ramsay, himself, have expressed their dislike for pineapple on pizza. The president of Iceland hates this tropical-Italian combination so much, that he proposed the idea of banning pineapple on pizza from his country. However, what is their reasoning for hating pineapple on pizza? It turns out that the most common reason is that sweet fruits, especially tropical ones, do not belong on the Italian dish. The claim is that the sweetness of the pineapples ruins the cheesy taste of pizza. If you happen to be Gordon Ramsay, then your reasoning would be that the combination just does not work and ruins the sacred masterpiece of the Italians.

Despite being one the most hated topping on pizza, there is still a significant group of people that enjoy eating their pizza with pineapple. On the contrary, pro-pineapple pizza people have argued their reasoning for why pineapple on pizza works. The first is that the sweetness of the pineapple compliments the pizza. Pineapples also contain vitamins C and B2, which allows people to stay healthy while eating the sweet tropical-Italian combo.

Pineapple on pizza is a good combination that should be more appreciated. There are many benefits to eating pineapple on pizza such as it brings a sweet and savorable taste to your mouth and provides vitamins to help keep people healthy but still able to enjoy their favorite food. Despite it technically ruining the Italian masterpiece, it is undeniable that pineapple is acceptable of being a worthy topping on pizza. Pineapple on pizza is much better when other toppings –such as bacon and ham– are added onto it, because it creates a more rich, sweet, and various group of flavours. However I can not force people to eat something that they do not like and at the end of the day it is up to the person who is eating the pizza.