BFHS Football vs. Ganado HS

Nic Rendon, Contributor

Last Friday, the Chargers football team faced the Ganado Hornets at Winslow High School. This was the first game of the 2019 season making it one of the most important. The Chargers football team played the Hornets last season beating them by a landslide. Coming out on top was expected. Players were taken out of there classes around 1:00 pm to make the three hour journey up to Winslow High School. They arrived in Winslow around 4:00 pm.

The game started around 7:00 on a pleasant Friday night. The captains for this game were Zach Jefferies, Tanner Willis, Danner Bowen, and Cade McAfee.  Each game the players vote for a teammate to carry the Charger flag out onto the field; this person is called the flag-bearer, and junior, offensive lineman Dean Terrill had the honor of carrying out the commendable task.  All of the captains went out onto the field for the coin toss, and it was decided that the Chargers would kick off. After a short drive on defense, senior Zach Jefferies ran for a touchdown on the first play of offense, which was followed by another short defensive drive. Senior A.J. Warby then ran for another touchdown on the first play; this one being much longer. Most of the game played out this way, making it a very one-sided game. The Hornets did not have nearly as much success on either side of the ball as the Chargers did.

The game ended with the score being 48-6. Ganado’s football team is still developing, so it came as no surprise to the football program. Overall, the game helped put the Chargers on the right track, giving them a 1-0 record. Continuing on this path will allow the team to reach their goal of making the playoffs. Despite the victory at Ganado, there are still many games to come. On Friday, August 30, the Chargers play at home against 1-0 Snowflake High School.