What Should You Choose? Pro-Life

What Should You Choose? Pro-Life

Selas Rivers, Contributor

The debate of Abortion still goes on. It is uncertain what exactly goes on in the mind of a mother who would willingly kill their own child, maybe because of certain circumstances. Circumstances like not having enough money to pay for all the expenses for the child, maybe that the mother might have been raped and doesn’t want to have the child because it reminds her of the past she could not fix nor control, or possibly because the thought of having a child could be a waste of their time or that they aren’t mature enough. It seems unfair for some women who state “my body, my choice” stuff, but really… do we have a choice in this matter?

The idea that Pro-choice mothers believe that the child in their womb is not a person yet, conclude that Abortion shouldn’t and isn’t considered murder. To counteract this idea, author Randy Alcorn of the article Abortion stated, “Like toddler and adolescent, the terms embryo and fetus do not refer to non-humans but to humans at various stages of development. It is scientifically inaccurate to say a human embryo or a fetus is not a human being simply because he is at an earlier stage than an infant,” (Source 2). Scientifically speaking, the child in a mother’s womb is something more than nothing. The baby in their womb is not a “thing”, it’s actually something that could grow to be critical to society. Also as a defense to this idea, authors Russell Moore and Andrew T. Walker of the book The Gospel and Abortion state that, “…the bible teaches that humans are made in God’s image and are thereby endowed with sacred dignity (Gen. 1:26-28); that human life begins at conception… and that a death warrant cannot be put on a person because of their size, level of development, environment, or degree of dependency,” (Source 1). If Pro-choice women believe that the baby in their womb is considered non-human, than doesn’t that make a toddler non-human? Does he become human as he gets older? Alcorn states, “If so, then adults are more human than children… Something nonhuman does not become human or more human by getting older or bigger; whatever is human is human from the beginning…The right to live does not increase with age and size; otherwise, toddlers and adolescents have less right to live than adults,” (Source 2).

Pro-choice mothers who choose abortion are like Mafia who send out Assassins to kill someone for whatever reason. In this example, the mother would be the Mafia, the child would be the victim, and the hospital that the mother has the abortion at would be the Assassin. Both stories connect, but if they were to stand at a trial before a judge, the Assassin would be found guilty, and the mother would be found innocent. Even if the mother was a victim of rape or incest, she is now creating a second victim, but this time she is no longer innocent, she has become like the rapist. In return, it would only hurt the rape victim more, bringing no healing to the previous victim (the mother).

Pro-choicers idea that God gave women a choice to whether have an abortion or not, is in fact a deception. Again from Alcorn, he speaks of the passage where Jesus, and his disciples were with him, talking about how valuable children are to Him saying, ” Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for such belongs the kingdom of God,” (Luke 18: 15-17).


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