New IPhone 11


Parker Willis, Contributor

There has been a lot of talk about the new iPhone 11 that is coming out this year. Apple will announce the release date on September 11, of the new iPhone 11. Many people predict it will be open to the public in early November based on previous years. One of the biggest changes that we will see in the newest phone by apple is the new triple camera feature. This will be a huge improvement on previous phones. This will improve the quality for when you zoom in. On the other iPhones when you zoom in the picture quality becomes worse. In the iPhone 11 you will be able to zoom in further with better quality.

One of the biggest complaints with the iPhone X was the black square on the top of the screen where the camera is. In the new one we can most likely see that disappear or at least become smaller. Another big rumor is the new airpods. This will be the third generation of airpods released. Based on Apple’s new patents , this will be a new design as well. Many people did not buy the other airpods because of the design and for some people it did not fit in their ears. This new design will be more versatile for everyone. Hopefully they will also include different earbud options for different types of ears.

Now a really big question that is coming up as the release date is coming closer is about the price. With the new features and the new technology it will most likely cost around 1,200  U.S dollars. This will vary depending on the amount of memory on the phone.

There is a big rivalry between Apple and Samsung right now. Many Apple users are switching to Samsung because of the customization options on android phones. Some of the iPhone features just seem useless. For example the black box at the top of the screen. The new Samsung phone has a very small spot just for the camera. Many people are hoping Apple will redeem themselves and improve their phones. A lot have people rumor that Apples new phone will have a transparent screen around the camera.  This will increase Apple’s sales and make them more popular. People would come back to being Apple users which would put Apple in the lead between Apple and Samsung.