Why Should Parents Vaccinate Kids?

Why Should Parents Vaccinate Kids?

Madeline Farnsworth, Contributor

In 1998, a doctor published false information and data terrifying parents into not vaccinating their children. Because he had a great deal of data that looked creditable, every parent feared their children being mentally undeveloped because of the vaccinations. They feared that giving their children a shot that could possibly result in their child developing autism. The doctor’s theory was debunked later in 2011. However, many people still are very against vaccinations. Despite the hilarious memes that are all over the internet about anti-vaxxers, it is a real issue for the population.

There are some conditions where a child can not be vaccinated. Any child with an  autoimmune disease, have an implant or are waiting on the organ transplant list, will not be able to receive any vaccinations. But parents who decide to not give their children vaccinations are not just putting their child’s life in danger but the lives of other children who can not receive vaccinations. If a parent willingly chooses not to vaccinate their child because they believe that their child will develop autism, then they are ignorant and need to educate themselves. In the United States alone there has been more cases of diseases that are easily preventable by a vaccination. There are some diseases that are becoming more prevalent in the United States, like: measles, mumps, whooping cough, and the chicken poxs because of a multitude of children are not being vaccinated. But who knows if there will be other more life threatening diseases that will reappear in hospitals and doctor’s offices? Many life threatening diseases are easily avoided be if everyone was vaccinated.

Personally, I believe that everyone who can be vaccinated, must be vaccinated. There are so many people who are not vaccinating their children for a multitude of reasons. But their reasoning cannot be worth the life of their child or the lives of other people’s children. The purpose of vaccines are to build up T-Cells which are programmed with the disease in order to fight off the virus if it happened to enter into the human body. Vaccines are life saving for those who choose to be vaccinated. Many of the diseases that can be prevented can be life threatening. Why would anyone take the chances of not vaccinating themselves and their children? The rate of anti-vaxxers are growing. Constitutionally, the cases of these easily preventable diseases are increasing as well. This all could be easily prevented if parents vaccinated their kids.