Vans vs Adidas

Kayla Smith, Contributor

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Vans and Adidas are really popular shoes that many people purchase. Students all around the world wear both brands; but honestly, Vans are much better. Vans were founded in 1966, in Anaheim, California. Originally, Vans were made to help skaters hold more friction between them and their skateboard. They were made with a rubber bottom and soul to help them last longer when used so often for skating. As time went on, Skaters were not the only ones who wore Vans; in fact Vans became extremely popular in the ’80s and then once again in the 2000s. These shoes have now become the most common shoe teenagers wear. Although not everyone skates, society doesn’t seem to care anymore. If they are cute then they’re a hit! Vans is not only a type of shoe but they’re also a sponsoring company. They sponsor a variety of sports such as snowboarding, BMX, motocross and obviously, skating. On average Vans makes about 2.3 billion dollars a year! All that money comes from, events, clothing being sold in their stores and their famous shoes. You probably see most people roaming around the school in Vans. Personally, I think they’re extremely comfortable along with matching all my clothes.

Some people prefer other shoes like Adidas. Adidas was originally used for running shoes but through time became a product used for both skating and sport. Founded by Adolf Dassler in August 1949, Germany, Adidas began to grow quickly. In 2016, Adidas only made 7,089 million dollars and didn’t make much more in 2019. In fact from the data found on google, their net worth is much lower than Vans. It’s kinda weird because Adidas provides a larger variety of shoes compared to Vans. They sell shoes both for sport and style along with their clothing –such as their famous black sweats– with the three white lines going down the sides. Adidas has come out with multiple types of shoes for sport: football cleats, soccer cleats, track shoes, etc. You’d think that with that much of a verity, they would make more money than Vans…but, guess not. Not only does Adidas have multiple types of shoes and clothing, but the Yeezy company, by Kanye West, is through Adidas. When Kanye first launched his Yeezy company, Adidas was making more money than they ever have. However, Vans was still making more.

The more money the company has, the more they can provide, and the more they can sell. On top of that Vans are more stylish than Adidas and come in so many different colors and shapes. Vans even has a site where you can create your design and make custom vans that will be shipped to your house. Does Adidas have that? Nope. I didn’t think so. Nowadays everything seems to be about looks, and Vans is the look of the century.

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