One Last Lap

Rachel Jarvis, Contributor

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The tear jerking movie, The Art of Racing in the Rain, came out in theaters on August 9, 2019. The movie, based off the book The Art of Racing in the Rain, by Garth Stein, is 109 minutes long, and is rated PG. It is categorized as a drama movie. This movie has amazing actors starring in it such as, Milo Ventimiglia, Amanda Seyfried, Kevin Costner, and many other well known actors. Not only is it a family movie, it is a family movie about a dog that strives to learn life lessons about what being human means, in hopes that he will reincarnate as a human.

The movie starts off the same as the book, the character Enzo laying in the puddle of his own making. It is then from here he goes into the backstory of his life from when he was adopted by Danny. Enzo explains in detail of how Danny brought him to the races and how he was Danny’s good luck charm. This heart felt part of the movie is one of the many times Enzo discussed his love for Danny. Then it goes onto the part where Danny meets Eve. He describes her as the girl that is taking Danny away from him. He says several times that he had a dislike for Eve but for Danny’s sake, he deals with her, and does what he is told even as he is their ring bearer at their wedding. He then shows that he is no longer able to dislike Eve as there is a new being inside her. That new being is the first introduction to Zoe. Inevitably, Enzo describes his love for Eve as she is his rain, his unpredictable element.“I had always wanted to love Eve as Denny loved her, but I never had because I was afraid. She was my rain. She was my unpredictable element. She was my fear. But a racer should not be afraid of rain; a racer should embrace the rain” ( The Art of Racing in the Rain p. 44)He watched as Eve was getting unbearable headaches and telling Danny not to worry about it on his days home, while ultimately, on having to grab Zoe and run to her parents home because she was so sick, and leave Enzo behind while Danny was racing. Unfortunately Eve’s health only grew worse and she is diagnosed with cancer. The movie portrays how Danny acts when he no longer has to be strong for his daughter and it is just him and Enzo. The audience also watches how Enzo helps him by getting him to go on runs and entertaining Zoe. The scene comes where Danny, Zoe, Enzo, and her parents have to say goodbye to Eve and Eve’s parents bring a lawsuit on Danny, claiming he’s an unfit parent. The movie portrays the heartbreak and the devastation through everything, and how Enzo helps. Through this scene there are several racing references that relate to life and show good morals.  Through this, he wins the custody battle. Then it cuts back to where he was in the beginning. Danny and Zoe wanted to give him one last surprise. He finally gets to ride in a race car. One more lap, Just one more lap. Then it cuts to Danny getting ready to race, Zoe is now in her teens. She brings a young fan in to say hi. Danny asks his name and the young boy’s name is Enzo. He is about eight and the movie implies that he was born the year Enzo passed. And that fills the full circle of this beautiful movie.

While the Movie and the book are amazingly well written and captured, there are metaphors and deeper meanings, rather than just racing in the rain. The book and movie is a lot more than just entertainment, it is a sort of philosophy that makes one think while altogether being an amazing family movie. Danny and Enzo use the racing terms as metaphors for life and how they get through it.

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