YouTube Influence

Lexi Ariete, Contributor

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Every minute, every hour, every day, someone posted a new YouTube video.  Videos can range from at-home videos, political events, and educational videos for kids. The video-streaming platform has a massive impact on today’s society. Millions of people use it everyday. YouTube is a great application, but it may be affecting the society in a negative way.

Youtube launched in the year 2005, with the first video posted on April 23, 2005. Over the years, YouTube has progressed in success. People use it everyday, whether it is to create content, or to watch and support others. People are even using it as their main job. YouTube may seem like the perfect website, it grows and so do the problems.

One of the most popular categories are beauty videos. Some people know the beauty community to have some toxic members. The toxic members start drama, which make fans clash. Conflicts involving drama bring more curious viewers, making the fire grow larger. If people decide to post a video, they need to make sure that what they say is appropriate. Posting a video can have hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people who can view it. YouTube is a website for entertainment. When people watch their favorite YouTubers fight, it is similar to watching a drama on television. Fans want to see what happens next. People who upload on YouTube should have proper maturity and understand what the rights and wrongs are in today’s society.

One of the most popular categories on YouTube is vlogging. The category does not seem harmful and in most-to-all circumstances, they are not. When it comes to vlogging, there is a price of sacrificing one’s privacy. A vlogging career has an individual expose their personal life for other people to watch. Back in August of 2018, family vlogging channel, The ACE Family, had a break-in encounter in their house. Although rumored to be fake, there is still a chance that their family could have been in danger. Summer of 2017, fans of YouTubers Team 10 were outside the group’s house. Parents of the fans told children to take pieces of their house, which is unfair for the YouTuber’s privacy.

To be fair, YouTube is trying their best to find solutions to inappropriate content. More influencers are having videos removed or demonetized. Mostly everybody never actually reads the Terms of Service pop ups. People who upload videos to YouTube should keep in mind what they are posting. Influencers should think about what they say before they release their opinion/content to the public. There are some YouTubers that have family-friendly content. Others have a bad influence on people of all ages. Unsafe content can teach viewers to perform dangerous actions.