Jeffrey Epstein: Murder or Suicide

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Jeffrey Epstein: Murder or Suicide

Rachel Jarvis, Contributor

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Jeffrey Epstein was arrested July sixth on suspicions of child sex trafficking. “But in 2007, he cut a secret deal with then-US Attorney Acosta that granted Epstein immunity from federal prosecution, and Epstein pleaded guilty only to solicitation of prostitution and procurement of minors for prostitution,” (Business Insider) he was sentenced to 18 months in prison but only spent thirteen months but allowed to leave six days a week for work.  The Herald’s Julie Brown reported that Epstein would pay underage girls to give him massages and ask them to recruit other girls and then abuse them more. He was charged on July 8, for sex trafficking and conspiracy, girls as young as 14 were being molested by him. This is believed to run from at least 2002 to 2005 but he pleaded not guilty. He was being held at Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center. “One alleged victim, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, now 36, said Epstein and his close associates had ordered her to have sex with several high-powered men when she was just 14 years old, according to a 2016 deposition released Friday,” (Fox News). On August 10, Epstein was found dead. This raised suspicions as he was beyond rich and was being held at a federal prison under suicide watch. He died at the age 66.

The official ruling of his death is death by suicide, but new evidence and suspicious actions by the police station are raising many questions. He had broken his thyroid bone, which can be broken upon many situations, but the most common one would be in a situation of a strangling. He was found dead with a bed sheet around his throat less than twenty four hours after thousands of documents were made public, which were lawsuits from his former girlfriend. ‘The FBI does not normally look into suicides at a federal Bureau of Prisons facility, but given the nature of this case and out of an “abundance of caution,” it has undertaken this probe, a senior law enforcement official said,” (Fox News).

Epstein was placed on suicide watch less than a month ago after finding him on the floor of his cell with bruises on his neck. Prison staff are now being accused of falsely logging in to checking on him every thirty minutes like they are supposed to, these accusations are coming from people that are close to the matter and knew what the task was and who was supposed to do it. After about a week of this he was put into a high-security housing, where it was less monitored as the suicide watch, but the guards were still ordered to check on him every thirty minutes.

New information is claiming that two guards, that were assigned to keep watch on Epstein, are now placed on paid leave, and the warden has been temporarily reassigned. There are also reports of significant failures at the prison during his time of death.  He also signed his will only two days before he died.

The will is going to take a long time to get sorted out as the FBI leads their investigation. On top of that there are still the lawsuits being filed from women who are coming forwards with their stories on how and when Epstein abused them.


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