Dystopian Novels

Madeline Farnsworth, Contributor

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Many readers are captivated by a dystopian novel. A dystopian novel is defined by relating to or denoting to an imaginary state or society where there is great suffering or injustice. There are many book series that are in the Dystopian genre. Many of the popular ones are The Hunger GamesThe Giver, Divergent, and 1984. All of those books are futuristic and honestly, quite scary. Dystopian stories should terrify readers. But instead, many people are captivated by the futuristic plot. Dystopian novels stem from a plot that takes place in a society where the common people are suffering and the higher classes are benefiting from the suffering. Dystopian novels often take place in a society that is heavily controlled by tyrannical leaders. If these plots are really the future of our society, people should be scared and not  deeply entertained by the terrifying plot. Dystopian novels are a wide genre that have many fans. There are many series and short stories in the dystopian genre. Dystopian plots should terrify every reader. The plots and events are a very real possibility for our future.

A very popular dystopian novel series would be The Hunger Games. The plot and events that occurred in the novel, truly, should scare the readers. The society had entered into a barbaric stage where they chose teens and children to fight to the death in a foreign place. Why does this story entertain so many people? If this was a real possibility in the future, should we, as humans, take precautionary measures to ensure that these events would occur? Why do humans take pleasure in the suffering of others?

It is in many people’s nature to look upon the suffering of others and take pleasure. I think this is why this idea of a futuristic society where many people are suffering. To me, this genre should terrify people and warn them of what is to come. Dystopian novels should scare people because of the tyrannical leaders and the immoral plots. All Dystopian novels are scary if they happen in the future. There would be death, control, and terror spread throughout the society. Every citizen would be controlled by fear of not listening to the power-hungry leaders. Living in a Dystopian society, would be terrifying and grim. I believe the Dystopian genre should not be idolized and admired as they are currently. This genre should be feared and help people take precautions towards these stories.