Kabul Wedding Blast: Groom Has ‘Lost Hope’ After Deadly Attack

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Kabul Wedding Blast: Groom Has ‘Lost Hope’ After Deadly Attack

Parul Singh, Contributor

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We all have read news lately about bomb blasting, mass shootings, etc. But how would you feel if you heard about a bombing at a wedding party? Well, that’s exactly what happened in Kabul, Afghanistan. Imagine you at a nice wedding, when all of a sudden a bomb goes off and you see your relatives screaming, panicking and crying. That’s what the groom, Mirwais Elmi, felt. Mirwais Elmi informed Tolo News, that he had now “lost hope” after the deadly attack. Luckily, he and his bride had survived, but his brother and many of his other relatives, sadly didn’t make it. Watching your loved ones die in front of you is the most painful thing anyone could ever imagine. Mirwais Elmi was deeply heartbroken, that he even stated “I can’t go to the funerals, I feel very weak”. It may be disrespectful if you don’t show up to your loved one(s) funeral, but seeing them die during an incident and then seeing them on their deathbed, puts even more strain on your heart. Elmi did continue saying “I know that this won’t be the last suffering for Afghans, the suffering will continue”.  Saying this statement, made Elmi realize that his wedding was, as BBC News states, “targeted by a suicide bomber”.

Elmi went on blaming the Taliban, a combination of U.S and their allies, for “providing a platform to terrorists”. He’s not wrong. Now that people know about this bombing, there will be more and more in the near future because they’ll think Afghanistan won’t stand up. But the bombing was for a reason and Elmi states that reason. He states “Sunni Muslim militants, including the Taliban and IS, have repeatedly targeted Shia Hazara minorities in Afghanistan and Pakistan”. Elmi’s whole wedding venue was located at a Shia Hazara place. Afghanistan’s chief executive, Abdullah Abdullah reacted to this blast as a “crime against humanity”, while the U.S ambassador to Afghanistan, John Bass called the blast an “extreme depravity”. Yes many countries have/had conflicts, either currently or in the past, but what recently happened in Afghanistan will eventually become the biggest conflict/war, which will, of course, include innocent civilians and many casualties.

Following the blast, ISIS did claim responsibility for the attack, according to CNN. As stated, the SITE Intelligence Group, a group that monitors terrorist group activities going on, informed people that “a Pakistani fighter detonated an explosive vest amid a large gathering of Shia Muslims”. Hearing after this attack, Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani, immediately posted a Twitter a note that may help with the families of the victim’s, who were in the blast. His Twitter post states, “My top priority for now is to reach out to the families of victims of this barbaric attack”. If you were a public figure of your country, the first thing you would do is make sure your people feel safe and not panicked, after what tragedy occurred. In response to the post Ghani had posted following the attack, he called for an “extraordinary security meeting”, in order to “review and prevent such security lapses”.

Also following the attack, our current U.S president decided to meet/have a peace talk with the Afghan government and the Taliban. And yes, the result of the attack is Afghanistan having peace talks with the Taliban and U.S. Recently, on Sunday,  U.S president, Donald J. Trump informed the reporters in New Jersey “negotiations were going well”. He added “We’re having very good discussions with the Taliban. We’re having very good discussions with the Afghan Government”. Since the start of Trump’s presidency, Donald Trump has informed the news that he wants to “pull the U.S troops out”. A U.S troop pull-out in exchange for Taliban, guarantees that Afghanistan will “not be used by extremist groups” in order to attack any U.S targets.