BFHS Navy Gold Football Scrimmage


Nic Rendon, Contributor

Last Friday, the Charger football program held their annual Navy Gold Scrimmage. They have been doing this for years, each year a different team coming out on top. Many students showed up this year, creating a game like atmosphere. This is one of the many fun events that our school hosts at the beginning of the school year.

Each year, the team does this scrimmage to help kick off the season right. The coaches split the players into two even teams, a team wearing navy jerseys, and a team wearing white jerseys. These two teams face off on a Friday before the actual games start. Each team consist of players from the Varsity, JV, and JVB teams.  It serves as a fun, but competitive way to prepare the team for the season, and is also entertaining for students that attend.

This year, everything was the same as usual. Two even teams, a navy and a white, fighting for supremacy. Players such as Zach Jefferies, Baylor Abney, and Danner Bowen were on the navy team. The white team consisted of many other players, including Cade McAfee, Braiden Moffat, and Tanner Willis.  The first and third quarters of the game had the Varsity players on navy against the Varsity players on white. This provided some good competition without much scoring.  Seniors Zach Jefferies and A.J. Warby showed off their play making abilities, both having major contributions in the scrimmage. The second and fourth quarters was JV white facing against JV navy. The most points were scored during these quarters. Freshman Dawson Smith had one of the first touchdowns of the second quarter.

The game was everything but close. The navy team shut out the white team, beating them 24-0. Knowing this, we can tell that the teams may not have been picked so evenly. Although the scrimmage is fun, the team has more important matters ahead. On Friday, August 23, the Chargers Varsity football team heads up to Winslow to play against the Ganado Hornets.