Trump Wants To Buy Greenland


Parker Willis, Contributor

Recently Trump has been really interested in buying Greenland. If you don’t know Greenland is the largest on earth. It is located in the northern hemisphere and 80% of it is covered by ice. Why would Trump want to buy Greenland? Greenland has some of the earth’s rarest minerals including: terbium, praseodymium, dysprosium, and uranium. China holds most of these minerals. These minerals are things that make up phones. If Trump buys Greenland, then we wouldn’t have to import things from China which will reduce the United States rate of debt. The United States has 22 trillion dollars of debt. We need to start fixing that debt and buying Greenland could be the way to help reduce that debt.

When Trump confirmed he was interested in buying Greenland the leader of Greenland responded saying that this idea is absurd. Greenland is owned by Denmark but Greenland is self governed. Both Greenland and Denmark say that this is crazy, funny or absurd. They also say that it is not for sale. It does not look like Greenland is interested at all. So what options do we have? We can continue to ask and offer more money but if that doesn’t work what will we do? If we are really really desperate we can take Greenland by force but that could create more enemies with the United States.

If we attack Greenland, that would not be a very good decision because the reward is not better than the consequence. We could beat Greenland and our reward would be the rare minerals. The consequence would be more enemies. We would also create some more debt by going to war. In the long run our debt would go down because we would not have to pay China for these minerals.

What would Greenland become if we bought it. It would probably become a territory of the United States. Just like Puerto Rico, Greenland would most likely become a territory. This is because is we added another state a lot would have to change inside our country. The biggest and most obvious change would be our American flag. Having 51 states would mean 51 stars on our flag. Everyone that has an American flag would have to buy a new one. It would not make sense at all and it would make many people mad.

So now the question is that is it worth it. America has already tried buying Greenland twice in previous years. Both have failed. Greenland has not been for sale and does not look to be for sale for a while it looks like. They refused multiple times and even thought it was a joke. The only reward is rare minerals which leads to less debt for America. Is that a good enough benefit for possibly starting a war or buying it for billions of dollars. We could make more enemies which America does not need right now. Now we can just wait until Greenland opens up or if we are desperate enough we can attack.