So You Wanna Be a Chargerette


Tony Ureste, Contributor

Everybody loves dinner and a show. With great food and amazing hip hop dances, the event on Saturday gave the people just that. “So You Wanna Be a Chargerette” was an event held by the school’s dance team, The Chargerettes, in hopes to raise awareness and funding for their team. The family friendly event included a dinner of pizza, chips, and delicious desserts such as cookies and doughnut holes. The following night included raffle tickets for prizes, with fun themes and ended with an auction of even more prizes, raising up to $500 for the team.

Throughout the night, dancers from the school performed for the audience; and the three judges included: Coach Mac, Mr. Duttlinger (a.k.a. Magic Hips), and Miss Trimels. Mr. Strong served as the host for the evening.

The first group to perform for the night was the “Vsco Girls” lead by Derek Broschinsky (Grade 10). The dance was a satirical performance against the trend, a VSCO girl is defined as, “The tumblr girl of 2019, commonly interested in scrunchies, checkered Vans, seashell necklaces, and most importantly a Hydroflask”. They were a group with a colorful attire and a scrambled amount of music genres, complete with chaotic choreography. The audience loved the dance, almost as much as the judges, who described them as: “Yum and energetic”- Coach Mac; “Great character and dance”- Miss Trimels; and “If that dance was anymore wooden I’d build a deck with it”- Mr. Duttlinger.

The second group to dance was the “Boogie Bunch”, lead by Carson Taylor (Grade 12). This performance was more formulated, with similar hip hop elements. Their choreography included a lot of tricks and flips, impressing the audience, and the judges. But that didn’t stop the judges from doing their jobs; “They Nailed it”- Mac, “I hope there’s a police officer in the audience cause a crime has just been committed”- Mr. Duttlinger, and “Those boys need to go to a Mexican restaurant after this cause that dance was as hot as tamales”-  Miss Trimels.

The third and final group was “The Road Runners”, assuming the leader was Johnny Johnson (Grade 12). This group was equally impressive, and also had a hip hop style. Their choreography was equally impressive and captured the crowd’s attention slightly more then the previous dance company. The group was impressive with matching outfits and plenty of maneuvers. The judges were also fascinated, but not enough to cover their opinions; “You guys are swaggy”-  Coach Mac, “The paramedics had to revive me” – Mr. Duttlinger.

While the judges were determining which team would advance to the finale round, raffle tickets were being called and the Junior High Dance Team performed for the audience in golden uniforms to the song Dare by Shakira. Sadly the “Vsco Girls” were eliminated with the “Boogie Bunch” and “The Road Runners” running up to be tonight’s winners.

The finale dance battle for the night included a dance off featuring many members of both groups. Both including hip hop elements and tricks. After an intense battle, and crowd voting, the finale decision was made, and the “Boogie Bunch” won.