A Bride-To-Be’s Sister Wants to Steal Her Wedding Venue


Onika Wallace, Contributor

How upset would you be if you had a wedding venue planned for three years and someone comes to you and asks for it? Image how upset this bride-to-be, no name mentioned, was asked that right in front of her entire family, at a family get-together, by her sister. This woman and her fiancé are planning on getting married at this venue next month. Her and her fiance have been together for eight years total including three years of engagement. Her fiancé is the one who has been making all of the wedding plans because she is focusing on getting her PhD. They were supposed to get married right after her graduation. This is her dream wedding venue that her sister is trying to take right out from underneath her.

Her sister just recently got engaged. Her and her fiance were also starting to plan out all of the details in her wedding. However, at the family get together, she announced her and fiance were having a baby. When the grandmother asked if the wedding was going to be postponed, or if they were going to speed the date up a little bit, that’s when she asked her sister the big question, that basically split the family.

When the bride-to-be was asked this question, she immediately told her sister no because it has been planned for three years. Her family immediately broke down, and started to tell her how selfish she was being. The only one who wasn’t calling her selfish and making her feel bad was her aunt. The family also told her that if she waited all of this time, it wouldn’t hurt to wait a few extra months. Keeping in mind, that even though it was planned three years in advance, the only open slot they had was in September this year. So, if she did try to reschedule her wedding, she would probably have to wait a few more years.

She later updated everybody on the whole situation saying that her sister is not coming welcome at her wedding. She also said that she is not sure on whether or not they will be inviting her family all together because the only from her family coming as of this moment is her aunt. Her dad keeps texting her and telling her that because of her selfishness, her sister has not stopped crying. her mom also decided to tell the bride-to-be’s future parents-in-law about the incident, but her future father-in-law shut her down and told her to just be happy for her daughter before she loses the bride-to-be altogether.

As of this moment, the only “family” the bride-to-be has are her future husband’s and her aunt. She is pretty upset with her family and doesn’t want her family to be there at all, but she is still unsure if any of that will change. It’s very complicated but hopefully it all straightens out before the wedding for her sake. It’s all one messed up situation for the bride-to-be.


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