The Horrors of Travelling


Tony Ureste, Contributor

We all love travelling to places far from home, and there are plenty of reasons to do so, rather it would be visiting family members or friends from around the world, or simply just exploring new places and trying new things, and when it comes to vacationing, it’s always an exceptional idea to plan everything out to the last detail, from planning how to get to the desired location, to safely and effectively returning home. But not everything always goes as planned, and certain events can end up ruining the whole vacation, or it could enlighten it. These unlucky travellers share their stories of their unfortunate and quite frankly grotesque vacation events.

To those travelling by plane, many people understand the concept of ‘plane etiquette’ but according to this instagram account, one passenger didn’t know otherwise. An account named ‘Passenger Shaming’ had posted a video of a passenger on a 2-hour flight removing their socks and placing their bare feet on the headrest of the chair in front of them. Not only was this passenger placing their smelly feet for all to see on an occupied seat, but they were also reported taking up two seats in the economy class.  The post has gathered over seven thousand likes and over four hundred comments since it was published a few days ago. The comments consist of disgusted responses and plenty of jokes regarding the passengers ‘confidence’. An angry user said: “People just have no shame! GROSS!” Another one jokes saying: “That’s it the next time I fly on a plane I’m wearing a Hazmat suit”. One suggested the airline company should give out free socks to passengers and offer a $5 upgrade to avoid sitting with people with smelly feet. The same account a few days later posted a video of another passenger swiping an entertainment screen with their bare feet, grossing out plenty of other witnesses on the flight. People always say to put your best foot forward, but no passengers are happy to see your feet on board a long-haul flight.

Another horrifying case where a woman taking a vacation in the UK stayed at a decent resort, hoping to take some stress away from her daily life, but in the end she only discovered more in her own room. After a while of staying in the UK she decided to make a cup of coffee, as she opened the coffee machine to pour water, she was shocked to find mold in the machine. Disgusted by her findings she quickly snapped a picture and posted it on Reddit with the caption saying, “And this is why you check the hotel coffeemaker before you use it”. Within a few days of posting several other social media users posted other pictures of their hotel horror stories. And just in case you’re not put off enough, a hotel employee stated that, “As someone who has worked in housekeeping, don’t bother even using the coffee machine”. The hotel was later badly reviewed and in ongoing lawsuit against the hotel is still taking place after violating several health code violations.