Chick-fil-A’s New Addition


Oliver Jamias, Contributor

On August 12, Chick-fil-A released a new menu item a bit different from their usual options, alongside their new frosted caramel coffee, which will be releasing in a limited run;  Mac and cheese, the brand-new item available, proves that the best way to improve something that does not have anything wrong with it, is to add even more good things.  Despite straying away from the chicken chain’s regular choices, since it is eaten with a fork rather than by hand, mac and cheese is an old classic that still fits the restaurant’s bill of Southern classics.  It is also an rather versatile food, being able to be ordered either alongside the typical chicken-filled meal or eaten as a standalone snack.

At first, the cheesy treat only received a limited run in certain locations, in order to test out whether or not customers will enjoy it.  This proved to be a massive success, being the first permanent side to be added to the menu in three years.  “The quintessential comfort food”, as the franchise calls it, provides more variation among a side menu that otherwise mainly consists of potatoes and salad and joins chicken noodle soup as the second pasta-based dish.  The side also pairs well with the chicken entrées that make up the main menu, bringing in extra savory flavors that can also decently complement the sweet desserts that Chick-fil-A also offers.  The cheese sauce is freshly made daily and is comprised of multiple cheeses for maximum flavor and satisfaction.

As for the verdict on whether or not it should be worth getting, it is not on quite the same level of popularity as the fries, but it can do the same job well enough.  The taste itself is a change from Chick-fil-A’s usual choices, but it is still worth trying.  The cheese blend, a beautiful dark gold mixture composed of cheddar, parmesan, and Romano, meshes well with the pasta, as should be expected out of any basic mac and cheese dish.  The cheese is neither too watery nor too solid, reaching a difficult to reach balance in between.  Some cheese also directly baked into the pasta, producing a taste that is rather difficult to find in fast food sides.   However, the ratio of cheese sauce to macaroni leaves something to be desired, as the macaroni can sometimes overwhelm the flavor of the cheese if not enough is added.  The quality is comparable to the mac and cheese offered by other chicken places such as Kentucky Fried Chicken and Church’s, if not a little higher.  The pasta is firm to the touch and feels less artificial than mac and cheese served  by other restaurants.  This pairs very well with the rich cheese Chick-fil-A pours on the top of the dish.  Overall, the new mac and cheese offered by Chick-fil-A is not anything out of this world, but when compared to other types of mac and cheese, it soars to the top.  This new macaroni dish comes highly recommended by many and should definitely be eaten by anyone who claims to enjoy pasta.