Teaching of LGBTQ

Lexi Ariete, Contributor

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Throughout history, there has been a major controversy with the acceptance of the LGBTQ community. Few people around the world are accepting of any member within, or supporting that community. Recently, Illinois has passed a law of teaching the history of LGBTQ in their schools.

The States of California, Illinois, and New Jersey have passed laws of including LGBTQ curriculum their public schools. On August ninth, Illinois became the next state to include LGBTQ into their education. Illinois is planning for public schools to have reduced chances of bullying. The governor of Illinois ensured the teaching of LGBTQ people in American history. According to The Hill, “the law requires all schools in the state to include ‘the role and contributions of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in the history of this country and this state’ in official textbooks.” LGBTQ is being added to the education to teach the history and acceptance of the community overtime. People believe that letting children in schools learn about this subject, will help boys and girls become more aware of everyone around them.

Back in February 2019, New Jersey added LGBTQ to their education. NBC News states, “ New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation… mandating that every school in the state teach students about ‘the political, economic, and social contributions’ of LGBTQ people and people with disabilities… will apply starting in the 2020-21 school year, requires that the boards of education for middle and high schools ensure that instructional materials…” The governor believes that it is the right thing to add it into their education because this “will help build more tolerant communities and educational outcomes.” The point of the states participating in the support of the LGBTQ community is to lessen the revolt of the people against the community.

With that in mind, Illinois plans to include the specifics to important names. CNN says that, “…the new curriculum include the nation’s first gay rights organization, the Society for Human Rights, being formed in 1924 in Chicago, and Sally Ride, the first US woman in space, who was lesbian.” With an open mind, people can realize that she was the first lesbian woman in space. Learning that fact in school can inspire children who are too scared to follow their dreams. Illinois senator, Heather Steans, said, “one of the best ways to overcome intolerance is through education and exposure to different people and viewpoints.” It is important to teach children at a young age, to accept everyone so they can grow up defending people in the LGBTQ community. If more states take part in this subject, then future generations could be more accepting.

The introduction of more schools learning about the LGBTQ is a giant step for the school and its education. In this way, children growing up to accepting anyone can help make their community around them. Introducing the education of LGBTQ to young students can help children understand and accept the community to learn more of an in-depth view of the important faces.