Dora and Lost City of Gold


Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

‘Boots’ stars in Paramount Players’ “Dora and the Lost CIty of Gold.”

Araby Scott, Contributor

The Dora live action film hit the theaters August ninth, 2019 in the USA. The budget of the 102 minute action film, was estimated to be $49,000,000. The children’s movie was rated PG in America and the equivalent in most other countries. This being said, in Malaysia and the Philippines the film acquired a PG-13 rating. The rating most likely came from the “severe violence, gore, fighting and intense scenes.”

The stars of the live action film included, Isabela Moner as a sixteen-year-old Dora, Jeff Wahlberg as a teenage Diego, Madeleine Madden, as Sammy, and Nicholas Coombe as Randy.

The movie starts off with a young Dora Diego and Boots exploring the jungle. Within the first five minutes of the movie young Dora broke the fourth wall, by looking at the camera and asking the audience to say “delicioso” and her Father stating in response that she will “Grow out of it”.

The film features Swiper, a bilingual fox and Boots, Dora’s sidekick, who is unable to speak for the majority of the film. Boots unexpectedly spoke in an extremely deep voice, shocking the audience. It was unclear as to whether or not boots actually had the capability to speak or Dora was hallucinating after sustaining multiple head injuries.

The plot of the action film revolves around Dora attempting to adjust to highschool and the city life. On Dora’s first day of highschool she meets two students who will become a main characters, Sammy and Nicholas. Diego, Sammy, Nicholas, and Dora go on a class field trip to a museum, where they get kidnapped by the main villains. The group are soon rescued by Alejandro, a man who claimed to be friends of Dora’s parents, who were in danger. Dora deduced that her parents were most likely looking for the lost Inca city called Parapata. The group make their way to the jungle and follow clues left by Dora’s parents, Elena and Cole. Along the way avoiding the villains only after Inca gold, solving temple puzzles and getting caught in quicksand.

One scene that shocked viewers was when Alejandro was caught deep in quicksand and two scorpion mated on his head. Another instance that caught viewers by surprise was Diego falling for Sammy who appeared to be the popular school bully. Finally and possibly the most surprising scene is when the main characters are navigating through a field of  titan arum flowers. It is stated that touching the flowers will cause terrible consequences. Alejandro made it through the vast majority of the flowers and then be slightly bumps the last flower. The flowers began to spit out a purple dust into the air that caused the characters to hallucinate that they were in the cartoon version of Dora.

Later into the movie Alejandro is revealed to be working for the evil treasure hunters, the group of teens and Dora’s parents are kidnapped and taken to the lost city of Parapata. The teens solve temple puzzles and meet the Inca tribe. During the final scenes of the movie when everyone is safe, Dora told her parents that she wanted to stay in the city and go to highschool. In the bonus after credits scene, the group of teens dance and sing, about their adventures in the jungle and Diego suspects he has dysentery. Which further leads the audience to believe that the rating should have been raised in the U.S like in other countries.