Tsunami in China

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Tsunami in China

Kayla Smith, Contributor

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Many people go to water parks with friends and family to have a lot of fun and make memories. In fact water parks are one of the most common summer activities people do. It’s the perfect place to cool off and relax on a hot summer day. However this wasn’t the case for Tsunami Tide Pool water park. On Tuesday July 29 at Yulong Shuiyun Water Amusement Park in Longjing, China, guests of the park suffered from much larger injuries than a simple sunburn, heat exhaustion, or scrapes from slipping on the wet floor. Convenient that the water parks name was ‘Tsunami water park’ considering the events that would follow on that summer day. Around the time the water park first opened, at 10:00 a.m, things took a turn for the worst; the wave pool had an extremely crazy, and very uncommon malfunction, creating a literal tsunami in the pool. Talk about a wild day at the pool!

There are a few reasons on why this happened. A statement from Longjing city officials noted that, “According to the initial stages of the investigation, the incident was caused by a power cut that damaged electronic equipment in the wave pools control room, which led to the waves in the pool to become too big and injuring many people.” There have also been additional reports accusing the wave pools machine operator of being drunk while working on the equipment. Some advice…don’t drink while working. Although authorities have no evidence of this rumor, the suspicion has lead people to questioning the water parks staff and how seriously they view their visitors safety. Tsunami water park, denies all claims of the mechanics operator being drunk but has shut down the park until they can further go investigations and figure out what the real cause of this crucial incident was.

At first the witnesses, from that day said that the wave started off as any other typical wave in the wave pool but quickly began to grow larger and larger. Not only was it growing in mass, but the wave also began to pick up rapid speed, throwing visitors of the park on top of each other. What was suppose to be a relaxing day at the water park, turned into chaos for every man, woman, and child there. Tubes full of people were clashing against each other and on top of one another. They were being hurled many feet across the pool. Visitors were bumping into one another and stepping over, maybe even on top of others, in panic to escape tragic scene. Most who were in the water, at the time, were pushed down to the bottom of the thirteen foot pool for seconds that felt like minutes. On top of all these issues, guests and even some staff members failed to remain calm and would trample their way out of the park, causing many to fall and trip on the concrete floor. A few guests hit their heads so hard on the floor, from either slipping on the wet floor or from being pushed, possibly even tripped, they now have concussions.  

About forty-four people were injured, including children. Five of the forty-four people were transported and admitted into the hospital as soon as the ambulance arrived. Some still remain at the hospital in critical conditions. There were many different kinds of injuries such as: fractured and cracked ribs, internal bleeding through some of the victim’s bodies, concussions etc. Luckily, most injuries that occurred were minor, and may not leave physical scars, but the trauma the guests went through that day will forever remain in their memories.

No matter what water park people are at everyone should always be cautious and aware of anything. after all you never know when a Tsunami could happen.






Wave machine malfunction creates ‘pool tsunami,’ injuring 44 tourists

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