A$AP Rocky Freed from Swedish Prison

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A$AP Rocky Freed from Swedish Prison

Nic Rendon, Contributor

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Last Friday, Grammy-nominated rapper A$AP Rocky was freed from a Swedish prison after a month of being in custody for an assault charge. He returned back to the United States late in the day on Friday, touching down at the Los Angeles International Airport. This was the first time he was allowed to leave Sweden since the day he was arrested. Both Swedish and American governments got involved in this issue.

On July 3, Rakim Mayers (A$AP Rocky) was arrested in Sweden for a fight that broke out on June 30. Rocky was accused of beating 19 year old Mustafa Jafari after being followed by the teen and a friend in Stockholm that Thursday. Jafari also accused Rocky of hitting him with a glass bottle. He was detained on an assault charge and was not allowed to leave until his trial had concluded. Rocky claimed his attack was in self defense because he felt unsafe being followed by the two men. The day of the fight, Rocky posted a few videos to his Instagram with the caption, “SO A FEW DRUG ADDICTS ARE NOT MY FANS, WE DON’T KNOW THESE GUYS AND WE DIDN’T WANT TROUBLE, THEY FOLLOWED US FOR 4 BLOCKS, AND THEY WERE SLAPPING GIRLS BUTTS WHO PASSED, GIVE ME A BREAK.”  He allegedly asked Jafari to leave and was not trying to cause any trouble in the first place. He also claimed that he did not attack Jafari until his security guard was attacked. The Supreme Court of Sweden denied his appeal on July 8. This case caused major issues with the U.S. and Sweden.

A$AP Rocky’s arrest in Sweden got many people riled up, including U.S. President Donald J Trump. He confronted Sweden about this issue, trying to get Rocky freed at least temporarily. He tweeted about his attempts on Twitter, keeping everybody else informed on the situation. Trump put much time and effort into getting A$AP Rocky back in the United States, and it was not in vain. Donald Trump was a major reason as to why Rocky has been released. Without his help Rocky may have still been stuck in Sweden today.

Days before his arrest, Tuesday July 30, A$AP pleaded not guilty to the assault charges, with his attack being confirmed as self defense. Although he should have been let loose at that point, he was till held in Sweden for 2 more days. His time locked up interfered with many of his international performances that were scheduled around July. He was supposed to perform at over eight different festivals in Europe over this time period. He is now waiting for a verdict which is set to come on August 14.

If Rocky had received any long term jail time, his career could have suffered terribly. He already lost money by missing multiple shows during his detainment, and would have lost much more had he been held longer. Many artists have had their careers ruined over court cases and prison time. Fortunately, A$AP Rocky will not have to suffer the same fate.





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