The Hunting of Lewis (Part 1)


Braquel Schiermeyer, Contributor

I knew this boy once. Lewis was his name. He was tall and had platinum blonde hair. He wore all black and he sat in the back of all his classes. He would never raise his hand, though he knew all of the answers, and he never went to after school events. He didn’t like social interaction. He just didn’t like people. Everybody knew what happened to the Richardson family on the night of October 27, 1999.  What everybody failed to realize is that Lewis was there that night. Who can really blame them though? Lewis was the quiet child who kept to himself and didn’t have a lot of friends. He never went anywhere so no one would have ever guessed that he was going to the volleyball game.

The family was on the way to the Homecoming volleyball game the night it happened. The whole town was talking about it and how much fun it was. The Richardson family had just moved to Seattle, Washington from New York and had never really been to school events because they had just always been too busy. Lewis’s younger sister, Elana, who was a freshman, had met a boy at school, and found out he was going to be at the volleyball game. Elena, being a girl that had a crush, kept begging her parents to go. Finally they told her that they would take her if Lewis went. She started getting annoying so finally Lewis gave in. The whole family piled into the car. The parents with their work computers, Elena with her phone, and Lewis with his earbuds. At 6:57 they stopped at a red light and by 7:00 they were gone. A car had swerved and hit their car. The whole family died that night, all except Lewis. Ever since that night, he’s been shut off from the world. He’s currently 18 and he lives in his family’s mansion. He’s all alone.

I was there that night. I saw the whole thing happen. I saw it when Elena was ejected from the car onto a barbed wire fence. I saw Lewis land on his leg and I saw the car go up in flames. I was there and I saw who did it. I saw that he was perfectly sober and I saw the grim smile on his face when he hit their car. I saw him and he saw me.

…to be continued.