Dayton Shooting

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Dayton Shooting

Andres Nichols, Contributor

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Within less than twenty-four hours of the El Paso shooting and in the early morning of Sunday, August 4th, an unfortunate shooting had occured in Dayton, Ohio near a neighborhood filled with bars and restaurants. The shooter was identified to be Connor Betts, a 24 year old man, and was equipped with a .223-caliber rifle which could hold about a hundred rounds of ammunition. The lamentable event took a total of nine victims and several wounded. Fortunately before the shooting got even worse, six police officers rushed to the scene to put it to an end. The police officers claimed that within thirty seconds of the first dozen of shots, they were able to put a stop to the predicament. Before being caught, Connor Betts tried to escape by running into Ned Peppers Bar but his attempt was unsuccessful and one of the six policemen shot and killed Connor Betts. The chief said,”Had this individual made it through the doorway of Ned Peppers, there would have been catastrophic injury and loss of life.” Those that were apart of the event ran for cover or ran as far as they could away from the shooting. Some of those that ran away even had their shoes fall and left behind.

The police did further investigation to find out more about the cause of the shooting and other information about Connor Betts. The police found that in Betts’ car there was a second weapon, a shotgun. They also examined, that based on the victims, the shooting could have not been caused because of the belief of discrimination. The cops had also searched for what is believed to be the shooter’s house, which is about fifteen miles away from the crime scene. There seems to have not been much evidence that might have suggested the cause for the grievous act.

The victims that encountered their unfortunate end where all identified. Here is a list of their names: Megan K Betts who is Connor Betts’ sister, Monica E. Brickhouse, Nicholas P. Cummer, Derrick R. Fudge, Thomas J. McNichols, Lois L. Oglesby, Saeed Saleh, Logan M. Turner, and Beatrice N. Warren-Curtis. There were many others who were unfortunately injured but reports have said that these people have all been released from the hospital, thus meaning that they are doing well. Prayers and wishes go out to the families of these innocent people.

The people of Ohio brought up a want for security from future attacks and wanted the government to do something to help prevent any future incidents. Governor Mike DeWine made a proposal on Tuesday, August 6th. This proposal consisted of the Red Flag Law, universal background checks for firearm purchases, better access to mental health help, and harsher penalties for gun felonies. DeWine said, “If we do these things, it will matter. If we do these things, it will make us safer.” DeWine explained that the Red Flag Law would allow relatives, police, teachers and other people to send a request to court for them to remove arms from a suspicious person. The accuser must provide evidence within fourteen days of the request that would prove that the suspect could cause harm to himself or others. After three months of suspension, the suspect could request for his arms back. This suspension of arms can be renewed every six months and can be done as many times as the accuser wished. The Red Flag and background checks will hopefully protect people by making it difficult for some to get a hold of weapons to cause harm.

The Dayton Shooting was an unfortunate event and with the new laws and regulation proposals, hopefully the people of Ohio can peacefully live without a shooting. Luckily there just happened to be police near the scene so there was not much casualties.


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