What the Florida?! – Week of August 4

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What the Florida?! – Week of August 4

Gunnar Strom, Contributor

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Lyft Driver Getaway

Friday, August 2nd: Katie Lamothe in Florida is now behind bars after attempting to steal a vape from a local gas station in Pinellas Park. After successfully completing her estimated $43 heist, she then called upon her getaway car in order to make a swift escape. Unfortunately for her, her getaway driver was just a random Lyft driver. The driver, who was oblivious to the fact that a robbery had taken place, was about to start driving away when he realized the situation. He then pulled into an open parking spot and waited for police to arrive while the desperate woman, eager to escape, attempted to call an Über. The police soon arrived and carted her off. 

Man Emulates John Wick and Saves Dog from Alligator

August 2nd, once again: an unnamed man in Nokomis performed his good deed of the day when he saved his dog from an alligator attack just before nightfall. The man had noticed his dog was missing when he heard a lot of noise coming from the ditch behind his house. When he investigated, he saw that his dog was about to become dinner for a six to eight foot long gator. Without thinking, he jumped into the water and pried the alligator’s jaws open, rescuing the dog. After he managed to free his dog from the gator’s grip, he wrestled it some more and then ran back inside with his dog, taking his dog to the vet soon after. Later that night, the alligator was captured by animal control. Luckily, despite the odds of the situation, man and dog sustained minor injuries and had a heck of a story to tell.

Toilet Explodes During Thunderstorm

Tuesday, August 6th: there aren’t many appliances in your home that you would consider a threat to your safety, maybe the only exception being a blender. One of the furthest down the list would be your bathroom toilet you would assume. This, of course, wasn’t the case for the Ward couple in Port Charlotte, whose toilet exploded during a thunderstorm on Tuesday: “We come in here and the toilet was laying on the floor. There’s all pieces everywhere,” said Marylou Ward. Ward says that they’re lucky that no one was sitting on the toilet at the time, especially since they’re still finding pieces of their window and their lawn decorations all over the street. It was determined the reason for the explosion was lightning striking the house’s septic tank. Thankfully, the Wards have a new toilet and aren’t planning on using it during any more thunderstorms.