The Burglary of San Tan Valley K-8 School


Onika Wallace, Contributor

Most people have always had worrying thoughts in the back of their minds, of am I safe in my school, is something bad going to happen, or someone bad going to be at the school today? For most people, nothing bad ever happens and they are, in fact, very safe at their school. However, some unlucky people don’t have the same experience. In San Tan Valley, AZ, nobody was harmed, but there was a burglary attack on the school. Its something nobody really thinks about as something that would happen to them or to their school, but now the people in San Tan Valley know, if they didn’t all ready.

On Wednesday morning, Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, PCSO, received a phone call early in the morning saying that San Tan Valley K-8 school had been robbed. Some people may ask what is worth the value, other than textbooks, in a school that somebody would go out of their way to steal? They thought of one particular room that they’d thought was the best to rob. That room was the computer room. Three people were caught on surveillance stealing 22 laptops of which 20 of the laptops were for the students and 2 were for the teachers. The suspects also stole a van that was found later that morning, but the keys to the van were missing.

That evening, another phone call was made to PCSO by an Arizona citizen saying that there was a suspicious parked vehicle over by Jasper Butte Dr. and Saratoga Meadows Dr. The police immediately went and checked it out and found 17 of the 22 laptops in the back seat of the car. They do believe that these laptops are related to the school robbery. People thought that things were going to be a little calmer now that they found the laptops, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Thursday morning, PCSO got another call from the school saying that the bus was missing again. The PCSO believes that whoever had the keys to the van is the one who stole the bus again. The van was later recovered near the I-17 and Buckeye road in Phoenix, Arizona.

Many people are worried about who these people are and what their motives are, and where, to have chose this specific school to rob. Some parents are reluctant to let their children go back to the school knowing that there have been specific people attacking this specific school. Nobody knows when this will fully be over, most people are probably hoping that this unfortunate event will end very soon. This is more than likely, just as stressful for the students as it as the parents and staff of the school. Many people are worried this won’t be the only time this will happen, but they aren’t quite sure when it will happen again. Nobody knows who these three suspects are, but we know that they are out in the world somewhere, more than likely on the run. If you know who these people are, please contact PCSO will all the information you may possibly know about them.