Electric Cars vs Gas Cars


Peter Varga

Vector illustration comparing electric versus gasoline car suv. Electric car charging at charger station vs. fossil car refueling petrol at gas station. City building skyline in the background.

Parker Willis, Contributor

One of the big modern day debates is about electric cars and gas cars; Which one is better? There are six main benefits of electric cars: The first benefit is that electricity is cheaper than gasoline, Electric cars are a lot better on the environment, and another pro to electric cars is that maintenance is less frequent and less expensive. You can even ride in the “carpool” lane while in an electric car which can shorten your commute time. as well as they are very quiet. Another benefit is that you are more likely to receive tax credits.

Now for the four cons of electric cars; Most electric cars have a short range. The longest range belongs to the tesla model s which has a range from 218 miles to 315 miles. Most electric cars take four hours to charge which is a lot compared to a gas car which takes a few minutes on average, Electric cars cost a lot of money, One of the biggest cons is the charging station inconsistently. This is one of the main reasons people do not buy electric cars.

The pros to a gas cars is that it can travel a greater distance. An average gas car travels about 400 miles before it needs to be refueled. Another pro is that gas powered cars usually have more raw power. Gas cars are great for saving money for an upfront purchase but not for the long run.

The big question is “Will electric cars replace gas cars?” Most people say yes to this question. Just a few problems need to be resolved. One problem is the distance electric cars can go. this has progressed rapidly in the last few years. In 2014, the range was about 150 miles. Now in 2019, the range is about 300 miles. So we are progressing extremely fast. We also need to make the charging faster. In 2014, the charging time was about 18 hours. Now in 2019, the charging time is an hour to an hour and a half. Once we can resolve those few problems many believe electric cars will be the only cars.

Another great option is the hybrid cars. These hybrid cars are half electric and half gas. This car can reduce fuel cost because it runs on the battery as well. The energy while braking in the car is used to feed the battery. This just gives you free energy so you don’t have to charge it or fuel it as often because you were naturally driving. Some drawbacks for the hybrid cars are the performance. This car is built for the economy and not for speed. Most hybrids cost From 20,000 to 30,000 brand new which is more than most people want to pay. The maintenance generally costs more to repair than a gas car.

All of these cars are amazing and have progress the technology of our world greatly but is the electric car progressing from the gas car we have been using since 1885. Is the electric car the new technology of our modern day? We just have to wait for a few more years to see if the problems resolve.



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