The Shadow Being (Part 1)


Karlie Dibell, Contributor

My uncle Rodney and I were never really close to each other before he passed away at an age of 35 (five years ago) from a seizure. He had four very happy kids: Lynnea, Angelina, Rodney Jr., and Mary. It was very difficult for them when he passed away. The night it happened I was woken up at 3:30 a.m. by a blinding blue light that lit up my whole room. It was almost like the blue color that surrounds you when you’re fully submerged under water. I sat there mesmerized until my eyes adjusted to the light and I realized there was a person standing in front of me. I must be seeing things, I thought as he spoke and said “Please look after your cousins and your stepmother…my sister…my kids.” Then, he disappeared off into the night taking his luring light with him. I told myself again that I must be imagining it. Late in the night will make anybody see anything, so I laid there waiting for sleep to consume me once more until morning.

Before I even got a chance to pour the milk, I received a phone call from my Aunt Ashley. I answered, allowing my shoulder to take over the responsibility of holding up my phone since my hands were busy with my Cheerios. I spoke with a cheery voice to greet her, but then she told me to get my stepmom  for an urgent matter. I asked what had happened and I couldn’t believe what I heard when she answered: “Your uncle Rodney has passed away. I am so sorry.” I ran into my parents’ bedroom, disregarding my phone and Cheerios, and woke them to tell the news.

A few minutes passed by and my stepmom was on the phone with her family. The whole time, the only thought I had in my head was the encounter with my uncle from the night before. Was that really him? I must have been seeing things; how could this be so coincidental? Out of all people, why come to me? I never found the answer, but I only saw him a couple times after that. One time, I saw him on the floor of my parents’ room late at night, bent backwards with his mouth open like he was trying to say something. I got so scared that I screamed and threw my pillow at it. My parents think I’m going crazy and so have I, until recently when I saw a shadowy being in the corner of my room…just staring. I stared at it until it faded away. I didn’t know what else to do except contemplate whether it was real or not. I’m now convinced it was.

A month later…

The shadow…I see it all the time and it is here now. It follows me everywhere I go. If I am in my bedroom, it quietly observes my every move. It never does anything but stand there and watch me. It looks so much like a human, even acts human. The more I look at it, the more it reminds me of someone. Who, though? It resembles my Uncle Rodney. Why is he here?

I see him standing there in the corner of my room staring at me…slowly moving toward the door and peering at me as if he is staring directly into the deep sectors of my soul. He is drifting down the hallway and into the kitchen where I chose to follow him. I peer around the corner into the kitchen where he is nowhere to be seen. I stand still for a moment, in shock, then head back to my room. CLANG! I freeze. What was that?! I cautiously turn around and walk back to the kitchen and as I glimpse around the corner again. Laughter. The laugh is so disturbing. It sounds endearingly deep but still like a clown. My eyes follow along the cabinets until I come upon the shadow. I look down to his hand. What? He is holding a knife. I look up to the horrifying smile plastered onto his face and shiver.

To be continued…