Infinity Train: Cartoon Network’s Exciting New Cartoon


Chandler Ellerbusch, Contributor

One of Cartoon Network’s most anticipated shows of the year Infinity Train is finally set to air starting August 5th. Infinity Train, originally created as an eight-minute short back in 2016 for Cartoon Network’s pilot program, was created by former Regular Show writer and storyboard artist Owen Dennis. After a month, the short had gained quite a following and had over a million views. Soon after, there was a petition to get the short a full-blown series and it had obtained 57,000 signatures in a short amount of time. After many signatures, the show was finally green lit by Cartoon Network and people have been waiting ever since. After two years they finally gave out an official release date and the hype is growing fast. For older cartoon watchers, the show brings hope for them because it’s a great reminder of the old shows Adventure Time and Gravity Falls. Both of which are award-winning shows that gained the hearts of many dedicated fans and, sadly, have already ended. The 2016 short and the trailer, which was released at San Diego Comic Con two weeks ago, reveals a glimpse at what the plot has to offer.

Infinity Train follows the story of Tulip (Ashley Johnson), a 12-year-old-girl who happens to come across a mysterious train. “The short — now the pilot episode — finds a girl named Tulip trapped on a never-ending train, in which each car opens up into its own pocket universe”. The train cars seem to be endless and within them contain many different worlds and puzzles to solve. She becomes trapped on this infinity train and soon realizes that she needs to use her problem-solving skills to solve riddles and obstacles of each car in order to find her way home. She is not in this alone though, she is accompanied by a Corgi King named Atticus (Ernie Hudson) and a duel-personality robot named One-One (voiced by Jeremy Crutchley and Owen Dennis). Many of the train cars contain amazing worlds that Tulip finds herself actually enjoying, but other cars seem to contain things much more deadly. The new trailer and the short also gives viewers hints of the different threats the train will contain in its never ending line of cars. One of which is a monstrous, parasite-like robot that ends up attacking Tulip and her gang in order to prevent them from leaving the train. Its haunting design gives only a glimpse of what other dangers lurk on this cryptic train.

Fans are already trying to solve the many secrets that presented themselves in the trailer and pilot. Many people seem to be focused on the glowing number “115” that appeared on Tulip’s hand. Many people are itching to get there hands on the Infinity Train‘s episodes. Episodes will finally start airing Monday, August 5th for a five-night event. A new episode will be aired every night at 7:30 pm for those five days, but it is still unknown how the scheduling will look after the show’s premiere. Some episodes will be released early on the Cartoon Network app so look out for that as they come.