A Small Norwegian Island Wants to Get Rid of Time for Good

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A Small Norwegian Island Wants to Get Rid of Time for Good

Averi Carlson, Contributor

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Time has been one of the many dictators in life. It tells you when to go to bed, wake up, go to school, and even when it’s time to eat. Time is used for everything and is something that we couldn’t live without. However, not everyone agrees with this. There is a small Norwegian island that lies just north of the Arctic Circle called Sommaroy. Because of its location to the Arctic Circle, the sun doesn’t set for 69 days during the summer and doesn’t rise for the winter months. This unusual situation has led the residents to sign a petition to be the first place in the world to get rid of time completely.

Kjell Ove Hveding, the leader of the islands campaign to get rid of time, said, “’This is us, this is how we live. It is not a joke, it is something that we seriously want’”(Anna Schaverien). To show that these residents are serious about completely getting rid of time, the entrance to the island is covered with watches. As tourists come to the island, they show their support for the petition by adding to the growing collection of timepieces.

Not everyone agrees with the island’s decision. Based on how much time has helped society, it wouldn’t be beneficial to the island to get rid of it. If they choose to go through with this they wouldn’t have a set time for school, companies, or any other organizations to open. In addition to this, Goran Mikkelsen, a digital marketing ambassador at the only hotel on the island said, “You never say, ‘I will come by at 6 o’clock exactly.’ We always just say, ‘Later'”(Anna Schaverien). Some would say this is not an efficient way for making plans because it could end in confusion. Furthermore, this could be the start of a succession of countries and cities that would want to go timeless, which might be the first step to going back to a world without time.

Some would also say that this is just a crazy idea to get more popularity. The small island has one hotel that is rarely filled up. However, because of this new idea to have a place without time, the hotel has been full. According to David Nikkel, “Critics of the plan have dismissed the petition as nothing more than a publicity stunt for the island’s tourism industry”(David Nikkel). If it is one big scheme to get more tourism, it could potentially end in a disaster. It isn’t worth the chance to make it the world’s first place without time only to realize that it was all a stunt to gain popularity.

All in all, they shouldn’t approve the petition to allow the island of Sommaroy to get rid of time. It would set an example that the world doesn’t need time, and many more countries would follow. Whether this is truthfully what they want, or just one big act for popularity, this idea should not be approved.





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