The Fault in our Votes

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The Fault in our Votes

Kaleb Tewksbury, Contributor

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In 2016 the United States held its last election. During this election many were unsure who to vote for, whether it was the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton, or the Republican Donald Trump, many saw both candidates as either too far to one side with their party or that it did not matter who won because they disliked both sides. However, recently with the Mueller investigation that changed for Americans all over the United States.

When the Mueller investigation reached a head and Mueller was investigated in front of congress, it came to light that Donald Trump, the current president of the United States, had requested staff to cover up and falsify records which might be detrimental to his presidency, and his campaign for the 2020 election.

The falsification was proven in the exchange between Mueller and Cedric Richmond the Democratic Republican representative:

“Richmond: So it’s fair to say the President tried to protect himself by asking staff to falsify records relevant to an ongoing investigation?

Mueller: I would say that’s generally a summary.

Richmond: Would you say that that action the President tried to hamper the investigation by asking staff to falsify records relevant to your investigation? 

Mueller: I am just going to have to refer you to the report if I could for the review of that episode.

Richmond: Thank you. Also the President’s attempt to get McGahn to create a false written record were related to Mr. Trump’s concerns were related to President Trump’s concerns about your obstruction of justice inquiry, correct?

Mueller: I believe that to be true.”

However, Mueller also attempted to avoid other questions and even interrupted a congressman in the middle of questioning, causing Mueller to keep talking over the congressman even when he tried to ask another question:

“What I take is missing here is the fact that this is under investigation elsewhere in the Justice Department and if I can finish sir — and if I can finish sir — and consequently it’s not within my purview. The Department of Justice and FBI should be responsive to questions on this particular issue,” Mueller said.

Showing that he was not receptive to giving up his boss, the president, and in fact was attempting to change the investigation over to the FBI, asking them to put more scrutiny on what was occurring. Which would make sense if Donald Trump was trying to prevent secrets from reaching the public eye, than him requesting for reports to be falsified would be an attempt to prevent his public image from being destroyed right before the next election, which could lead to an upset with the next Republican candidate. But with these new facts coming to light, was there a fault in our votes?


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