Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man Far From Home

Rachel Jarvis, Contributor

Spider-Man, staring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Samuel L. Jackson, Cobie Smulders, Jake Gyllenhaal, and many more recognizable celebrities, came to theaters on July second, 2019. This one hundred and thirty minute action, adventure, science fiction, and fantasy movie, fulfilled every Tom Holland, Zendaya, and overall Marvel’s expectations. This Spider-Man sequel takes place after Avengers End Game and had several key points that showed the avengers transition in a world without Tony Stark. There are several scene where it shows Peter Parker mourning over Tony’s death and trying to live up to the expectations he thinks Tony has for him. This leads to most of the situations in the movie especially the surprising end scene.

The movie starts with Peter Parker just wanting to be a regular teenager for a while after Endgame. He wanted to go on the school trip to Europe and not have to do anything that has to do with him and his Spidey senses. Unfortunately for him, on the road trip there he continues to be intercepted by Nick Fury. Peter, not wanting to do anything involving him, sends him to voicemail, and everyone knows no one sends Nick Fury to voicemail. Along the trip, Peter received sunglasses that Tony had left behind for him. EDITH, the sunglasses Tony left for him, were much like his spidey suite, it could use face recognition, and use the drones Toney had.

Peter parker just wanted a normal summer break with his friends and now he is struggling to save the world and pursue his life as a normal teen. He finds it himself under so much pressure trying to make Tony proud of him, he quickly befriends Quentin Beck, better known as Mysterio.  Mysterio was believed to be the hero from another dimension, fighting off the element monsters to save this world as it was not possible to save his world. Peter passed the sunglasses to Beck because he thought he was supposed to find the next Tony Stark. It was then revealed to the audience that Quentin was not the hero, but rather the villain. It was then revealed to Spider-Man after MJ asked if he was Spider-man. He came clean and told her his secret. She showed him the drone she found during the fight, it then projected the sand monster that had been programmed into it. That is when they knew just who they were dealing with.

Quentin was using this to get back at Tony Stark for stealing his ideas and not giving him any credit. He was showing just how easy it was to persuade the human mind into worshipping someone who is just as human as anyone else. In the end, with the help of Nick Fury his friends and some others, he was able to take down Quentin Beck. Or was he?

The surprising end credits showed Peter Parker and MJ’s adorable first date, them swinging through the city her screaming the whole time. He dropped her off and went to change out of his suite for the rest of their date when Mysterio’s video went over the screens. Mysterio took a video blaming his death on Peter Parker and saying that the Avengers were only tricking people and that they were actually evil. He then revealed Spider-Man’s real identity. The question that comes from this is, will spider-man be safe and will the Avengers be able to show the people that it was really Mysterio that was the bad guy?