New Teachers of 2019-2020


Alexis Banks, Editor

This year the Benjamin Franklin family lost many members of its staff to other schools or even other job opportunities. To make up for the open positions, the school gained many new teachers from across the nation. It is to no one’s surprise that most of the new staff came from Hillsdale College since BFHS founds itself on the same principles of the college. Each teacher listed is a new teacher for Benjamin Franklin; for some, it is their first year teaching. However, they make an effort not to show that fact and have proven to be excellent teachers for the student body thus far.

A group of eighth grade girls were asked what their opinions of the new teachers where and they all had positive feedback to give; either it was Mrs. Skoudis who was said to be the best, Mrs. Fulton who was said to be the loveliest, or even Mr. Pietella who was said to be extremely nice to all of his students. They all giggled and laughed about how much they really enjoyed the new teachers they all have this year.

The 2019-2020 New Teachers:

Miss Skoudis is the new English teacher for eighth and eleventh grade and is highly known by her love of the English Arts. Oddly enough, Benjamin Franklin was not her first choice to teach at. At Hillsdale they had a job-reviewing day of which Mr. McAfee goes to every year to represent BFHS in an effort to recruit new staff. Miss Skoudis spoke with him at this event and soon realized it would be a great choice to teach at BFHS. Though it is a very different environment than what she is used to, having grown up in New Jersey and attending college in Michigan,  she loves it here and is looking forward to sharing her love of English with her students.

Mr. Reymann is the new ninth grade history teacher with the exception of one class dedicated to seventh grade history. He also gained an attraction to the school through conversations with Mr. McAfee who discussed the schools foundation of classical education and higher ideals of philosophy that Mr. Reymann just fell in love with. He is heavily inspired by his passion of the humanities and seems to be pretty practical. When asked the oddly analytical question of: what is the one thing he would bring with him if he were to be stranded on an island; he enough said that he would bring a sailboat. At first, his intention would be to use it to sail away, but then he decided that it was simply just one thing he would want to learn how to do.

Mrs. Fulton came to teach here at Benjamin Franklin because her son attends the elementary school as a sixth grader. What she has seen through the experience of the district had her fall in love with the foundation and the environment for the students as well as the staff. If she could have her own private island and do whatever she could with it without money being a factor, she would create a teaching institute for the foster kids of the world. It would provide them with the survival skills they needed for a successful life with the love they need to be great kids.

Mrs. Shrewsberry absolutely loves English and is an accomplished writer having published articles in various literary magazines. Her published work includes poems, short essays, and short stories about her ancestors life choices and their effects on past and future generations. At BFHS, history and literature are intertwined with their teaching which Mrs. Shrewsberry enjoys because her students better under the context of what they are learning. Mrs. Shrewsbury graduated from Salisbury College in Maryland and NAU in Flagstaff. Since moving to warmer climates she realized she has come to love that she can escape the cold and work down here where it’s warmer than any other place that she’s lived before.