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Rachel Jarvis, Contributor

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When I came to I was in the same room. I sat up and looked around again. There was a stack of three books to read I picked up the first one and opened it. It was Beauty and the Beast. I opened the book and sat down to read I got through the first chapter before a nurse came in. When she did I put on a smile and complied to everything she told me to do. A whirlwind of bodyguards grabbed me and took me to a room. I couldn’t see where I was going and I didn’t care. I was to busy trying to breathe and not be strangled by the unorganized men that were forcing me to walk while not letting me walk at all. When they finally put me down I saw I was in a cafeteria. A nurse came up to me and calmly stated that I needed to get some food because we would be transferred into the lounge room where we could watch tv and play games. I got a plate of fruit and I sat down to eat. A nurse came over and asked if I needed anything. I asked if I could go back to my room to grab the book that I left in there. She told me that she could send a staff member to go retrieve it and she did. When my book reached me we were already being herded like cows into the lounge room. It was a huge room with an abandoned hospital colored gray walls. It gave me a chill down my spine. I ignored my gut feeling and found a comfy chair. I settled in the chair and started to read my book.

After about an hour, a group of girls erupted into a full out fight. Once the security people drugged them and dragged them back to their rooms, a girl about my age walked up to me and said, “Yeah that happens a lot, they got banned from playing games with each other and that ban finally got lifted yesterday and the first game they decided to play was monopoly.” She sighed and walked away. A bit scared and annoyed I returned to my book. I was enjoying the distraction when the staff came in and told everyone it was time to take our medication. As she was passing them out I realized we all had the same thing. I shrugged and took them anyways. We were allowed to walk around for rec. time so I quickly put my book back in my room. I choose to walk around the gardens as it was nearly Spring so things were starting to grow. As I was walking around I found a rose bush which was odd because there was still some snow on the round meaning they shouldn’t be able to grow. All of the roses were at their peak and were beautiful. I was about to touch one when a nurse came by and told me that I must go inside at once. I agreed because I was cold. When I got into the building we were all being forced into our rooms. They said that there had been an emergency and someone had broken in. I was shoved into my room and they locked the door. I picked up my book and sat on the bed. I flipped the page and it revealed chapter fifteen. A small folded up notecard was in there. I picked it up and read it. It read: Lola, you found us. We will find you and we will explain. Don’t take the drugs they have given you, it makes you see things and it makes you easier to mold into their slave. Be careful and pretend that you are still on the medication don’t get caught. I promise everything will work out. We will see you soon. 

I laid down on my bed. Everything was dizzy. It made sense. I had been saying yes and ok to everything and never put up a fight. I didn’t even question anything which signified something is clearly wrong. I question everything when my gut tells me to. And I have had so many gut feelings that I have ignored. Something was clearly wrong and I needed to get out of here fast. I hoped that that note was true and that they would rescue me from here soon, whoever they were.

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