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Rachel Jarvis, Contributor

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I woke up on the steps of the stairs where I originally fainted. Everything was the exact same except this time there was a note. The note read: MRS. FLETCHER. That was all that was in the letter. I immediately sat up. I didn’t feel as dizzy as I had the first time I woke up, if there even was a first time. I was able to walk all the way up the stairs and get to my room without being incredibly dizzy. I quickly sat on my bed and opened my laptop. I searched Mrs. Fletcher and the school’s name and looked at everything that popped up. Everything tied to her name was a news article, from 1997. I opened the article and what I found paralyzed me with fear. 1997, a prison inmate escaped. He somehow got his hands on a gun and went to the school to hide. Mrs. Fletcher’s first-hour class was the class he chose to hide in. When the police showed he used the class as a hostage. When the police stormed, he shot. I closed my computer not wanting to read anymore. How could I have seen those people? How could I have sat in that class all day seeing and learning in that room that no longer exists with people that have been dead for a long time? I was shaking in fear. I was trying to think about worst case scenarios but I couldn’t think of any. What was worse than a girl who’s going insane seeing people that aren’t there hearing things that haven’t been said? And the hardest part was, I couldn’t tell anyone. No one would believe me I mean I wouldn’t believe me. I remembered I never opened the note fully. I grabbed it and started to open it when a cold chill ran down my spine. I had no clue what could be in this letter. I heard steps coming from the kitchen. I shoved the letter under my pillow threw my computer under the bed and pretended to be asleep. My dad came in and saw I was asleep. Cold sweat started as I remembered how I had already been in this situation. I was confused but didn’t want him looking through my stuff so when I felt him trying to find my computer under the bed I pretended to wake up. When he noticed I was awake he told me to get up and pack for a long car ride. “But it is only Monday I have school tomorrow,” I stated. he looked at me and clearly stated. “No, you don’t. You are suspended for three days for skipping, lying, and bringing up an incredibly sensitive topic and joking about it like some cruel emotionless monster. Now meet me in the car in five minutes.” He exited the room leaving me confused. I grabbed my computer and the note and  I was on my way out the door.

In the car, I opened the note. The note read: I know what you saw but what you saw was real. You were the only one that can see us, well them. I’ll find you Lola, and I’ll explain everything. I promise. Keep a lookout and watch over your father. Just remember everything he does is happening for a reason.

Everything is happening for a reason. I was shaking with fear. Wondering if it was a good thing or a bad thing. For some reason, the note comforted me. Maybe I was crazy. But someone knew I was crazy and they were coming for me. Whether it was a good or bad thing, at least someone knew. I fell asleep being weirdly comforted by thoughts that told me everything was going to be alright. So far, I know that that was a lie.

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