Hulu Vs. Netlix: The Ultimate Media-Service Showdown

Alexis Banks, Writer

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Netflix and Hulu are both entertainment companies that provide movies and TV shows for people all across the world to sign into and watch whatever and whenever they want. Both platforms are high paying companies that have grown through their offer of popular and recent films and recently aired TV shows people love to watch. While consumers do not have to pay for each individual movie and show, the service does not come for free for anyone who decides they want to watch some TV. Both companies require monthly fees for their service in replace of each show being offered for a certain price. This is what separates them from companies like Amazon Prime, and Apple Movie where you have to pay for each individual show, sometimes even each individual episode for some TV shows.

While some prefer the payment of each individual show they wish to watch, Netflix and Hulu do not require that service. Which of these two services is the best for consumers with the policy of a monthly fee?

When someone has not paid their Netflix fee, a little icon will pop up that reads Your account is on hold because of a problem with your last payment. This could pop up for a number of reasons, but it means Netflix is not lenient about their payment methods and those who do not pay their monthly fee. Netflix also provides 3 payment methods for the type of experience the consumer wants: the basic method which is 8.99$ a month, the standard method which is 12.99$ a month, and the premium method which is 15.99$ a month. With this, of course, the amount of luxuries one has when watching Netflix increases with the more money you pay. For example, the more money you pay, the more people you can have watching Netflix at one time; the least being one person, the most being four people that can watch at one time. Netflix also allows you to customize your own account and create profiles for each person who watches on the same Netflix account, which is pretty cool.

These are all the luxuries Netflix provides on its platform. Next week the second part of this article will be posted and shared please stay tuned for it to come. It will include the methods of Hulu and what it provides instead. Which platform is the better one to have for your TV is to come as well. When it comes, you can continue reading. Thank you.



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