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Rachel Jarvis, Contributor

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I awoke on the bottom step of the apartment. I slowly got up my head was spinning I checked for my keys and phone but none were to be found. I got to my feet and climbed the stairs only to have to stop at every couple steps to rest. I finally reached our apartment and jiggled on the door.  The door didn’t budge. I started to walk to the railing because I felt like I was going to collapse when the door swung open as if someone kicked it in. I hurried inside and collapsed as soon as the door shut behind me.

I woke up again in the same place that I fell. I looked around and noticed the tv was on. Nice of you to help, only your daughter passed out on the floor it’s ok. I got up carefully and got water. I sat slumped against the wall and drank the water I just got. I finally started to feel less dizzy and went to go to my room. When I got to the living room I saw it was empty, but the tv was on. It was static. I decided to leave it on in case my dad wanted it on. I checked out the other rooms to make sure he wasn’t in there either. He was nowhere in the house so I went to my room. I tried to fall asleep to shake off the feeling of dizziness but I wasn’t tired at all. instead, I picked up my laptop which was magically there and started to write. I wrote about my class and how creepy it was and how I had no clue why everyone was yelling and looking for me I wrote about how I had no clue where my dad was and mostly I wrote about how scared I was. I have never been more terrified than when my mom passed away. She died right in front of me. We were ambushed in a home robbery and she grabbed my hand and lead me into the bathroom. She shut the doors and locked each of then placing as many heavy items in front of the door as possible. She was heard though. The robbers burst through the doors and shot her. the bullet went through her and grazed my arm. She shielded me with her body. And yet I am more scared now than I was then. I felt guilty about it but I don’t know what to do and I have no one to talk to.

I slowly fell asleep while I wrote about everything. When I woke up I saw my dad reading my laptop. I started to panic as there is a lot in there about him, “Get out of that! That is a diary don’t I get any kind of personal space!” I screamed. “Come with me,” he demanded. “Where are we going?” I asked tears starting to stream down my face. “Come with me!” he was now shouting. I obeyed and followed him when I got in the car I couldn’t take it anymore I was bawling my eyes out. We were in the car for two hours before I finally fell asleep soaked in my tears. He didn’t seem bothered or even slightly concerned by my crying. Eventually, I fell into a restless dreamless sleep.



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