New Classes 2019-20

Alexis Banks, Contributor

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Next year at the school there are many new options for classes. Teachers have decided to teach these classes for those who are interested. These classes are:

Pep Band/Drum Line: This will be a seventh hour class that is only during the first semester. Mr. Meyers, the current band teacher will be the teacher and he plans for this class to play at football games. They will learn the chargers’ song and practice honing each individual’s skills in a different way.

Jazz Band: This will be the second semester of the Pep Band/ Drum Line seventh hour class. It is a very upbeat kind of band class that will play during concerts and activities. Mr. Meyers will teach this class as well and he plans to have a very fun class.

AP Art History: Miss Reynolds plans to teach this class. It is very interactive and will give the opportunity for students to learn the origins of art and the progression of art from time periods. It allows students to explore works of art in person through the observations and discussions with your peers. It’s a rigorous class that involves a willingness to learn about art and a pure love for it as well.

Physics: There is now a regular Physics class. It will also be available in AP and Honors which students will still be able to take. Any class will give the science credit for the year but physics is not required to graduate. Anatomy and AP classes of Biology and Chemistry are available as well.

Senior Thesis: This will be a sixth hour class in which seniors can take to prep for college. To graduate four years of college, every student must write a thesis paper on something based in their profession. This class will take the whole year going through the process of learning how to set up this paper correctly. Learning outlines as well as writing techniques, this class will be really helpful for any senior going to college.

New Language Classes: One completely new class that will be available next year will be German I. A teacher has already been chosen for this class and has yet to be announced. A second class available next year to study will be Latin IV. This is a class that goes through large writings of Latin and translates them from their proper grammar. Poetry will as well be included. Two new AP language classes will be introduced: French and Spanish. Mr. Hendrickson and Ms. Dressel are still going to take on these classes for students to take. As a reminder for next year: foreign language levels III and IV are all honors. Taking them is not required but heavily recommended.


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