The Upside.

Rachel Jarvis, Contributor

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The Upside, while only getting a 39% by critics, scored 88% by fans who enjoyed the movie. The movie was advertised as a comedy and a drama. It is 126 minutes long and is pg-13 for use of drugs and suggestive content. The movie was based on a true story from a book called You Changed My Life, by Abdel Sellou and A Second Wind, by Philippe Pozzo di Borgo.

The Upside is about a paroled ex-convict Dell, played by Kevin Hart, and a paralyzed billionaire Philippe, played by Bryan Cranston. They strike up an unusual friendship after Dell applies for a job to take care of Philippe.

Critics who rated this movie said that they did not like it because it was stereotypical and put the characters into generalized groups, the rich white man and the ex-con black man. They said that they did not portray it correctly and that it was a shallow version of the story, They also claimed that this movie was one of the movies they tried to recreate and just like the first movie, it poorly connected to the story they tried to base it on and that it was just about as bad as the first one. The advanced reviews claim differently.

The movie was based on a true story. The audience that disagrees with the critics say that it was based on a true story, so it was hard to get away from the stereotypes because that is how their personalities were and how the true story played out. They said that the directors were probably not meaning to add any of the stereotypes they were just portraying the heartfelt message from the story. They also said that Kevin Hart and Brian Cranston had amazing chemistry between them and they worked well together to get the emotion on point.

There are a lot of similarities in the movie and the true story considering the movie is based on it, but there are also differences. Philippe was paralyzed in 1993 when he was 42 by a paragliding crash and his wife, unfortunately, was dying of cancer like it was displayed in the movie.  In the movie, Philippe was an American businessman while in real life, he is the son of the second son of French duke Pozzo di Borgo and Marquis de Vogüé. This is quite different than the movie because in the movie Philippe says he earned every penny by himself and his father gave him nothing while we obviously see that that is not the case in Philippe’s actual life. But in the movie, Philippe’s romance with Yovvone, or in real life Laurence Landouc’h, was purely fictional. although in real life and in the movie, Dell, or Abdel, gave Philippe happiness. Philippe said in an interview that Abdel finally gave him happiness the feeling like he did not know what was going to happen next. Abdel, like in the movie, also modified Phillipe’s chair. The movie also portrayed a lot of the pains that come with being a quadriplegic they portrayed a neurological pain.

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