High School Life Vs. College Life

Alexis Banks & Kayla Smith, Writer and Collaborator

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Free time is the main difference between the life of a high School student and a college student. This is evident in the amount of homework and out of school activities given to each type of student. College provides more events for a student to attend and make friends. The people come from all over the world. Meeting new people can be tough for environments like this. Finding something in common between two entirely different people of origin can be challenging. This is why colleges provide these activities for students: to allow their student body to get acquainted with each other more.

Finding time for things is a major aspect of any type of student’s life. Since high School students have less responsibility in their life than college students, finding free time can be easier for them. Some high School kids have jobs so they can be able to handle life on their own, but they still live with their families for support as a minor. Furthermore, jobs do take up a lot of time for both high School and college kids, but the students who go to college most likely live on their own so they can be closer to the school. They have the job and the responsibility of maintaining their apartment. While parents or close relatives take care of these needs for high school kids, college kids take care of it all. This is very time consuming.

The stress levels of the different students vary drastically because high School students haven’t learned how to deal with it. In college, there is more stress because each student is thinking about their literal future. For high school, stress comes about in the sense of worrying about your grades. Your grades help make you stand out more than other students for college. A student takes more classes in their high school years than in their college years because it is the time to learn all the core information one needs to know to succeed in a basic life style. College just adds color and understanding to what one decides their passions are.

College is less strict than high school because of the responsible life style one has as a high school student. In college, a student is not bound by as many laws and restrictions. They are old enough to choose decisions for themselves rather than have a teacher give them all the boundaries they need to be respectful. Even at home, high school students are required to listen to their parents for the answers to everyday problems. In college, a person could do what they please because they are now an adult who lives their own life.

Activities provided for college student outweigh the amount given for high school students. Around a high school is where all of its attendees are from. No one travels each day more than two hours by car to get to high school. This is a claim that can be made from common sense of convenience. Mostly everyone in a college student body are from all over the world. Either because of scholarships or a student’s general interest in that specific school. This then goes to show why college life is more interactive with its student body than high school life. Allowing many opportunities for college students to get to know each other is beneficial for the college because then they learn to live and work together. In high school, everyone already lives by each other which is why there is not everyday events to attend. High school students have more free time.

High school life is very stressful with much free time. College life is full of different people to meet at many different experiences. It’s less strict because it focuses on more self-reliance, but then there is much more work to be done.

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