CDC Says to Stay Away from Raw Cookie Dough

Andres Nichols, Contributor

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As the holiday season comes along, baking cookies is one of the many activities that people enjoy, especially eating the delicious raw cookie dough. However the yearly reports from the Centers for Disease Control have show that they highly recommended and discourage people from eating these delicious treats because of two common diseases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, CDC, cookie dough may be delicious but they are certainly not completely safe. Putting health at risk during the holidays is no fun and eating raw cookie dough could make some people sick. Since the treats have not been baked, there are two different diseases that can be in the raw product until cooked. The first one of the two sicknesses is in the flour. Uncooked flour can contain Escherichia coli which can possibly cause diarrhea, respiratory problems, and pneumonia. Signs of getting sick from Escherichia coli can appear around three to four days after consuming the raw product. The second disease is in the raw eggs which may contain salmonella.  Salmonella causes fevers, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps which can being to show signs around twelve to seventy-two hours after being infected and can last from four to seven days. Even though most people recover without medication, some people have had to been hospitalized due to the unexpected sickness. The CDC says the children five years or younger and anyone with weak immune systems are at a higher risk of complications and death from food poisoning. Even though this may sound horrible to not eat the delicious raw treat, the CDC only wants to people to stay safe and be able to enjoy their holidays.

However there is a clever solution to continue eating the delicious raw cookie dough. This solution only minimizes the risk but does not entirely get rid of it. According to Brian Zikmund-Fisher, associate professor of health behavior and health education, he claims the the chance of getting Escherichia coli contaminated on the raw flour is rare. The main problem is in the raw eggs that have a higher chance of being contaminated with salmonella. With recent reports, his statement could be confirmed true because only sixty-three people have been reported to be sick from Escherichia coli in 2016 and according to the CDC, there are about 1.2 million illnesses, twenty-three thousand hospitalizations, and four hundred fifty deaths in the just the United States every year. To prevent this problem of illness, Brian Zikmund-Fisher recommends to purchase eggs that have been pasteurized. By using pasteurized eggs, there is no need to worry about the eggs being contaminated with salmonella. Even if this lowers the risks of  getting a sickness from eating raw cookie dough, do be aware the the raw flour still can be contaminated with Escherichia coli. Even if not all health experts can come up this a single recommendation for people, try to not eat too much raw cookie dough but still enjoy this delicious holiday treat.

Even though the CDC recommends people every year to not eat any raw cookie dough, do not completely disregard their advice but understand there is a risk of getting sick. Enjoy eating raw cookie dough by only eating it every once in a while. Experts also highly recommend to stay away from eating raw batter or dough despite how delicious it may be. Even if the temptation beats the urge to resist, at least remember that there is a risk of becoming ill during the holidays. Stays safe and healthy to be able to enjoy the holidays because no one wants their holiday to be ruined due to an illness from raw cookie dough.




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